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Scheming Starlight

Starlight is going evil again and it's not good. =w="
She plotting somethin'.
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Should I, or shouldn't I... transform the chocolate chips in Trixie's bowl of ice cream into ghost peppers and not tell her?


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Замыслы и помыслы... )))

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She looks like she's considering whether or not to peek at Fluttershy in the shower.

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ome evil plan is coming !!


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Adorably scheming.

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"This is my scheming face."
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You just missing the speech bubble with 'Kukuku'. MLP Pinkie Pie Emoticon Gif

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When evil is cute. :meow:

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She's pure evil. I hope I'll meet her soon and I'll kill her, if I find her.

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Your style is so unique, I love it!

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So adorable! Let her have her revange, but i cuddle her after that

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Somepony get the squirt bottle, she's regressing.

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Evile Glimmy is super adorable
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