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Rarity's Frustration



I think she's mad at me. Probably because I delayed her drawing for 7 months. :/

The hair was an absolute nightmare, by the way, but I think I got it the way I want. Not fully satisfied with the work though. :P

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Jun 29, 2014, 9:45:59 PM
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This is a picture that would lighten my day. At first, your sketch was her being frustrated at trying to get a string through a needle eye, but I believe that you got so frustrated at the drawing, that she got frustrated at you fro being frustrated and unsatisfied with the art.. *laughs* Anyways, as exquisite as ever with your facial features, and the detail in your tail is quite...fabulous.~ The look on her face is a typically Rarity face, but as always, she's generous on the inside. Life always has it's ups and downs. Hopefully, you can make Rarity feel better.