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Octi Seapony

Sooo... Octi seapony.
I'd rather call these Maremaids but for some reason the fandom decided to call them sea ponies.
People told me sea ponies are a G1 thing but I wouldn't know since I've never watched the previous gens. XP
So there ya go. :P

Cherry Deer by SymbianLCherri Blossom by SymbianLAzusa Babysits Candy by SymbianL

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murponies are cute =3
SymbianL's avatar
I need to make more of these. XP
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if you like you can do one of my OC... um ..only if you want to though.
I really like the concept & your a really good artist.
It's Neighriel!
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DAT FAIC!  Soooo cute!!
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Alright, time to make an obligatory post with which I hope there's a reply:

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Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day :P
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G1 sea ponies actually resembled seahorses, with the curled tail and everything. Like this: Sea Glass
Yours is pretty different since it has a fish tail. I think maremaid is a cute name for it. :)
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Aah. Thanks ^_^
I may try drawing something similar to that. Looks fairly interesting.
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Love the design, she's like a fantailed goldfish :3
I had one called Clementine. Then she died. /)O3O(\
SymbianL's avatar
I feel like there's a "Walking Dead" reference there somewhere. xD
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Hur, I don't watch TV shows other than MLP xD

And zombies.
Poop zombies scare me to heck
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Reminds me of a Beta fish.
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What's a beta fish?
BronzeBlade's avatar
Ok, I meant "Betta" fish.

But do you really not know what a Betta fish is?

Here is a Betta fish:…
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Should have made her and Octi-pus. =P
SymbianL's avatar
I've seen what Octi-pus looked like. I may try it. xD
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Hehehe, nice. ^^
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She's a meremare!
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