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Juggling with Pinkie Pie

Lel Pinkie better not drop any of them. Especially the rock. XP
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I like that you have Pinkie in her season 1 gala dress.

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Juggling that might accidentally end with meaty smacks on Sugar cube corner's hardwood floor.

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Aaah this is so cute! This artwork is really amazing and clearly has taken time to do. It's an interesting and fun picture with great shading and colours. Well done!
I love the sky in the window background, it gives off a really nice feel and, again, love those colours! This is a really creative piece.

It's a great piece, and there is nothing 'wrong' to it, but there are some things you could improve. You could change the 'gravity' at the pony at the top, what I mean is it looks like its falling but the hair isn't going upwards as much. If she was juggling with a lot of force, the hair would go more to the side.

The body is in good shape, but the eyes look just a bit simple with just mainly blue, black and white. The shading is good but it would be even better if it had more of a light source, so shadows would mainly go to one side and the highlights to another.

But besides all of that, great piece, can't wait to see more!
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Please teach me how to juggle, Ponka!
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This kind of reminds me of the scene where Ranma Saotome juggles before the season 1 end credits roll. She first juggles balls, then both Ryoga and Shampoo in their alternate forms (aka pig Ryoga and cat Shampoo) and then his/her father, and she almost gets flattened, because he's in his alternate form (aka a fat, heavy panda).
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Why is only Pinkie human ?
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Poor Marble is having a panic attack, Maud just wants her rock back, and Limestone is the only one enjoying herself.
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Figured if any pony artist could make bitchy Limestone cute it'd be you. :D I REALLY love that outfit of Pinkies... yowza!
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Limestone is enjoying it, Marble looks petrified and Maud looks.....worried?  This is so cute and funny at the same time.
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Just juggling rocks! XD
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THere is even boulder !
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Maud wants the rock
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The sketch you posted before only hinted at the adorableness of the finished work. Also, love the individual expressions, just like last time!
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Aww, tiny Pie sisters.
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The tiny Pie ponies are adorable.
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Haha this is just so adorable and funny!! :love:
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Yesssssss, more of these. I adore this so, so much. Really adorable & Pinkie in here, as also your style >w< 
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