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Jackie Bot

Eeeeh I'ma call her Jackie Bot.
Reserving Apple Bot for Apple Bloom. :P

Anybody has a better name, I'm all ears. :P

She's an Industry Bot.

A far stronger type of Bot than a Companion Bot.
No weaponry like Combat Bots but but has the strength and durability to do heavy work.

Dashie Bot by SymbianLDerpy Bot by SymbianLTwi Bot by SymbianL


Ponibot Corporate Logo by SymbianL
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Nov 17, 2014, 4:17:08 PM
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you can't critic something thats perfect.
the edges on the plates are simply gorgeous and every little detail is goddamn perfect.
only thing i can really say anything about is probably the nostrils. you might wanna give it a different shape or place it a little different.
the eyeshape could also need a little fixing but i'd be careful with that. too much fixing and it'd loose some of the cute factor

some day i'd love to see to see some evil pony robots by you. maybe you've already done that.

i'd love to see you try some horror. just to mix things up and learn new aspects

you probably already have done that without me seeing it though.
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that is very awesome my buddy.
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Wow It's beautiful!
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I wonder if Apple Inc. will go into robots?
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Would be awesome if they do. XD
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why can`t AB be Bloom Bot? because i just feel Jackie doesn't fit since it isn't a canon Nickname and sounds like 'Dashie Bot' while AB`s Bloom Bot name seems more canon and sounds more special.
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It's already been fairly established in some fringes of the fandom, especially on Tumblr, that Bloom Bot is AppleBloom.
For the sake of continuity, I stuck with it and instead made AJ's PoniBot name Jackie Bot.
Makes sense and I think "Jakie bot" outside the
Official name is a decent technical designation

Also your lines and connection Seams on the body's plates with the rest of the chassis are very very well done, their color and smother edges with no glaring signs of over lapping parts looks organic yet us still cybernetic
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Hehehe. Well, I've made many other bots. Most of the details have been ironed out already. ^_^
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Wow, this is amazing! :D 
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Why thank yee XD
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Your welcome! :meow:
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How about Jackle bot?
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/) brohoof chain
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