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Invite Twilight

Twilight wants to be invited too. So if you don't want your home to mysteriously burn down maybe you should. lol XD
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adorable furry cuteness

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She wants to burn my house down?!?!

She's DOUBLE out of my house and never invited if that's the case!D:<

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Gah I’m dying of cuteness

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Well, first of all, there was never a need to add the "burning down the house" part to begin with.

Secondly, AWWWWWWWW, Twilie! :snuggles:

Why would I not want to invite that sweet adorkable face of yours?


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When you put it like that...

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Oh you don't have to look at me like that! You know you're welcome anytime, regardless of whether or not it's a party!

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That's a very compelling case! Come with me, Twilight.

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D'aaww, too cute.

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Twi, you don't need an invitation. You're the guest of honor, your Highness.

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