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Flying Filly Fluttershy Animated Thingie



Finished it =w=
Flyin' FlutterFilly Lel

Hope you guys like the animation, if you can even call this kind of thing animation.
It's more just a moving image really. =w= Lel

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First, i must compliment the wings.They look super realistic, but still like the show.Also about that, her eyes look like the show but are still realistic.Her feathers look very nice and have great amazing detail and shading.Her hair is also in great detail and is amazing.I also like the stray hairs like in real life, not so stiff and perfect hair.the shading on this is amazing.I don't know how to explain how awesome this is!Her eyes are beautiful and i love the little shine in them.
i also like how the shaped are exactly like the show, which is amazing and must have been hard to do!There is no much else i can say but that i love this!