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Fed Up Luna

Made for an expressions challenge.
I saw the tired Luna scenes. (I need to continue show =w=)
Challenge given by NimbusStorm
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Jun 15, 2020, 2:19:12 PM
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Actualy the equine hoof is the middle finger of the mammalian hand/paw. The other fingers have devolved and are almost gone in most races. So horses and ponies always show you two middle fingers ^^

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Dang. What happened to you?
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Hurray! My princess doth think I'm number one!!!!!!!

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You could try mooning, you know?!

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The Garfield of mlp
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Ok as long as I get to take you to my world

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She's still cute

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Wow. Did *not* know that about the similarities between human and equestrian anatomy. Interesting.

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You can use your wings for that, Luna

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She too tired for that. XD

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Luna, Still cute as always ^^

You've had a long night, Your Highness. I apologize for the disturbance, you may return to your sleep...

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If you want to make that gesture, go in the mirror, then we’ll talk

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