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Couldn't resist. Just a little color. XD

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Doing Awkward things to Cherry by SymbianL
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This panel is very well done. I can see the emotion that is portrayed as it shows itself very clearly. The character's large eyes and pink hair tells me that she is a cute and kind character, but the details on and surrounding her tell me that she is very frightened. From the lines under her eyes to the shadowy blue background... let's just say that I don't want to know what she's looking at...

I will say that the lines across her face are debatebly unnecessary. They fight against her eyes for attention and there are already numerous elements (as mentioned above) that get the point across. I'm torn on putting in the 'CRINGE...' text for the same reasons, but I understand that that is a tendency for comics to really sell the moods.

I wonder what her name is... does it start with an S or an M?
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Her name's Cherry Blossom and she's not normally like this. She's just quite disturbed. XD
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Are you thinking of the name, Martyr Stew? Hmm?
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Ha! Though I'm don't know if that describes the character.
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Don't worry it doesn't.
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My response to Bad to the Duck Bone. 
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You don't tell somepony (one) you barely know that you love them. If there is love at first sight, it has to be mutual.
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I can cringe better than you. :cringe: Scotaloo CRINGE icon :seriously:  see Wink/Razz .
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