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Coco Pommel Drunk Maybe

I don't know why I made this so no need to ask. 
I was looking at agehao face and I ended up with this. lol =w="
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Free To Use Coco Pommel Icon (resized)

Hello, you shhhtrapping shhhtallion.... yer kinda cute....

-Wet Mane- Rarity Icon

Um, Coco, dear? That's one my pony-quins. Perhaps you should rest on the fainting couch?

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"Th... hick! Thanks Rarity! Those were some mactacular spartinis! Uh oh, the spin is rooming!

The meek and the adorable doth be so funny when inebriated!

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So cute, so sexy

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Go home Coco you're drunk.

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I think the kid needs to lie down
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Can we have separated version on this Rarity from background in Higher resolution? i wanna see details of that one art too c:

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Is it bad that i think the face looks kinda lewd?

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Lol maybe? xD

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She looks like she could have met one of my oc

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Coc: i’m A sUpeRStAr wArrIoR

Rarity: Uh... Sure

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