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A Bigger Better Bench Mark Benchy
At the CodeMash we got the idea that having large format printers, we should make large prints. The first Benchy we did was big, but it could have been bigger. So after the conference I printed one as large as Glidas could do, and 35 hours later it was done, and I now have a large print I do not know what to do with. The blue Benchy in the right bottom is a normal sized one, for the three of you who will actually see the post and read this.  
It might be a little too late to say and for those it is not too late, probably won't even care, ... but regardless! This January my dragons/printers and I will be at this year's CodeMash in Sandusky Ohio in the 3D printing lab, I will leave it up to you to speculate on what we will be doing.  
High Score 1000+ page views! 
I think this can be considered 'being social.' With that, I can now check that off of my to-do list. Thank you every one who viewed my page! 
Spyro Reignited Crystal Dragon
I am starting to give into the hype myself, I just had to make one. Unfortunately my potato cam can not show the sharp angles too well. I do not know if it is not as easily recognized due to my poor design skills, the game not being out yet, or the model is just not being as simple as the older one. 
Code Lyoko Tarantula Pose2
My personal favorite of XANA's monsters, and re-watching the show I just had to make one. The design is my own for once. But sadly it is not as poseable I wanted it to be, nor can it support its own weight. This is a copy and paste of the other post.
To anyone,
There are a great deal of things that I dislike about 3d printing: extruder clogs/jams, print shifting, times were the printer freezes mid print for seemingly no reason, the noise, price of the printer and supplies, and the one that has held me back for months, that reason being I had no idea on how to 3d model. Since my last post I have learn a great deal about modeling and have began exploring the the tip of the iceberg that is Blender. This wave of determination I have felt for the past week, is caused by my finding of a certain 3d model, unfortunately it has 3d printer hostile geometry. It has tall tapering spires, ultra thin walls, intersecting shells and a healthy dosage of over hangs. I have spent about two days stumbling my way through unfamiliar software, and editing the model to get it ready for the printer. Now file waits to be converted to G-code. I have not printed it yet, as I deem the printer not ready. The model features large flat surfaces that I do not want tarnished by print lines. The printer is printing out the z-axis gantry brace that will help prevent these lines from appearing. In addition, I have not printed this yet as I do not have the correct color filament for the print, that being a kinda-transparent green. Once this mod is complete and I have the filament ready to go the print will begin. Assuming no more issues arise, which is a big assumption to make.

In related news, I fear that my printer is being to suffer from under extrusion. Prints have bits missing from there infill, and small holes in there sides. If anyone has any advise on how resolve this issue I would be happy to listen. I think it may some stuff is getting stuck in the nozzle, I fear it is heat creep and do not really know how to fix it, I find it unlikely to simply be bed not leveled.

I look forward to having a memento to my childhood, one that I can hold in my hands not to be restricted to a game, albeit one the best. Until then,
Happy Making!


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United States

I started making with LEGO, moved onto paper, and now to 3d printing.
Lindar is my go to printer.
Astor is my mini printer, can print the smallest and the finest, but takes the longest.
Glidas is my newest and biggest printer.


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KrazyKari Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
How much would you charge for a 3D print of one of the Spyro crystal dragons?
SYMA24G Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017
My standard asking price is .03$ per gram of plastic used. For the one in the picture, it weighs 165g so I would ask 4.95$.
KrazyKari Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
How much would shipping to Miami be? 
SYMA24G Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017
I will send a note.