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WIP - The Crystal

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An idea I had in my mind for nearly a year, but just thought of drawing only this morning. I doubt I'll ever finish this, but if I do...

So anyway. I had this idea that shortly after Onyxia was hatched, Nel/DW had used what little strength he had left to craft that crystal/trinket the "Neltharion's Tear" as a safegaurd for his daughter. I mean srsly she's like the only one in her family without an evil sounding name, and is one of three blacks I know of (sans Wotlk and beyond) that actually gives you quests outside of a specific mission. The black drake in the Ony attunement quest does not count, and one could argue that Ony in her human form doesn't count either, since she was just "acting the part" but I say it counts so there >_>.
The other two were a dragonspawn in a cave outside of Blackrock which has one of the most amusing introductions (Was he really a black?), and the black in the Blade's Edge in human form.
Anyway back to the picture. SO In my fiction I had the idea that the crystal he gave her kept her more or less sane while the rest of his direct descendants went off the deep end. I always saw Ony as being rather energetic and more or less a normal dragon (in part due to a cute picture I saw of her) and her brother being fairly abusive towards her, along with most other dragons. Eventually, possibly during her drakehood, Nefarion discovered that crystal and took it from her saying it was bad for her health (Yeah *@&!ing right. Bastard.) and kept it away from her. She eventually slowly reverted to being a general pain in the arse to the other races, but still had her original good spirit buried inside. Why didn't the crystal change Nef? Easy - he was already too far gone for it to affect him.
I don't think the tear had any real story behind it, but it was one of my favorite sources of fan-fiction when I was playing Classic.

(To clarify, most other blacks abused her and were hostile towards her as well while she had the crystal. So she had a pretty rough childhood.)

"She couldn't quite understand it, but she felt calm while she held it. Her brother was always so cranky, and rude for that matter. As she gnawed on the crystal her father gave her, she thought about how unusual everyone else was acting. They were so angry, and no one would play with her. As lonely as she felt, all her troubles seemed meaningless as she held her treasured gift close to her."
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omg how cute ^ ^
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She's so huggable =3
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Aww thanks :meow:

I dunno why, but I've always seen Onyxia as being attractive and somewhat cute. I don't get that sort of feeling from any of her other relatives (There simply is nothing at all cute about her brother or father XD )
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And that trinket also gave me some food for thought. Something along the lines of "What could make him cry?"
Meh, I feel so bad for all of the Black dragons...
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The picture was meant to be more cute/playful than serious anyway ^^;

Mostly due to a fun picture I saw of Ony and her brother, I always got the impression she was like that when freshly hatched, and due to her abusive brother she became something of a snot when she grew up XD
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Nef, you abusive pervert, give the crystal back -_-
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My ideas about it weren't too far off from the official stuff, but nothing much was said about it other than he shed it before completely losing all control. After that it was just a shiny rock that boosted your stats. It did say "Radiates a PURE power" and not a "horribly corrupt" one, so that sort of lent some credibility to what I thought of.

I always felt that he was somewhat aware of what was happening to him, and couldn't stop it. The thought of losing not only himself, but proceeding to betray his friends and the entire world caused him to cry like that. He wasn't weak no, but he was powerless to stop himself.
The idea he was fully aware of what he was doing while "evil" (I always believed he was possessed and not merely insane, and nothing Blizzard or anyone else says will ever change that), and when all was said and done, he killed himself in despair. Lo and behold, years later (In real life), it was revealed that in the alternate future where he does succeed in blowing everything up, he does indeed kill himself. I guess the elder that corrupted/possessed him had no more need for a host now that his plans were done and left the poor guy to despair over everything he did while in that state.

The blacks do get some relief, to an extent, by the means of an overly complicated quest and (to a lesser extent) an adult black that helps you in the Outlands. I don't know what his deal was since he only helped the Alliance or what happens after, but least he wasn't beating the crap out of you. Back in CLassic I had the idea of a red drake trying to rescue the blacks from themselves, years later in Cata it's an adult red that does so. So far I've accurately predicted two events without even knowing about them XD (Lucky~)

I felt bad for them too, which is really why I created the drake character I mentioned before, but really I feel bad for almost any dragon that's getting the short end of the stick if you will.
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I hope Sabellian's story gets some continuation.

And Nel...They could come up with something, try and save him...
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Uh whozzat? Was that the name of the guy in the Blade's Edge or is it someone else? (Been years since I played, and I stopped keeping up with the development shortly after Wrath. Everything I know after TBC is what friends have told me).

Doubt it. He's already dead, and unless my idea about their souls being fully immortal even after their bodies having been destroyed is true*, then Neltharion is gone. Of course, time-travel buisness or just resurrecting him can also work, but they never tried that with Malgyos (Who as far as I'm concerned, was under the belief he was "just doing his job he was given"), so why do it with a guy that, to most the world, is a complete nut?
I doubt either of those two will ever be mentioned again, so anything good that could happen would be via fanon and not from Blizzard.

*Something like this: The five aspects can't truly die unless their specific element ceases to exist. Their bodies may die but they won't. In contrast, if there is no one to hold that power they were tasked with, it will run rampant. There has to be someone to serve as a conduit for it - In DW's case the world would shake itself apart eventually like the Outlands. Which is one reason why I felt he was picked by the elder to use against the world. For one, he's got power - lots of it. Second, he could be used as a shield. If he were to die and no one were to take up the position, the world would break. If he were to run about unchecked, it would break anyway.
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Yes, it's that dragon in Outlands's name =)
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As long as it don't involve him getting stabbed to death by the softskin races (Anything without scales.) then I'd be interested too.

Addendum: He can't be done in by the dragons either.

Maybe a quest for 90's to being back some interest for those folks to the Outlands. YOu have to escort him back to Azeroth and meet the one only other non-evil black, or protect him from something.

Still, I think he's just going to get ignored sadly :(
(Can we say, fan-faction to the rescue?)


Hmm off-topic, but there was a sort of cute image I saw on DA before of Onyxia visiting the Outlands because she was tired of getting ignored and met her first Netherdrake. I loved the panicked look on the drakes face as if it was trying to explain to her "N-no I'm not serving them, I-I'm I'm..." XD
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