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Trex Stalking 1

Photo took right outside my house :meow:

I couldn't quite get a good look at how the focus was working and it was very hard to keep my hands still... So his head is a bit out of focus :<

Oh well ^^

Minimal postwork in Photoshop.
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the house in the backgorund makes him look so small D:
But I don't want to meet him anyway.. think of a micro dinosaur chomping on your feet/leg :'D
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Hmm is like that book "Indian in the Cupboard". I think that's the title? But this kid puts this indian figure in a cupboard and finds he came to life! And could speak and was no longer plastic, but flesh and blood.
He discovered whatever he put in there would come to life (Figures only :XD: Not stuff like pencils) and if he put a live figure back in there it would turn back into an inanimate object.
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sounds awesome :D

If my shelf would do that I would have to search my whole room for my little cattle herd, my polar bear, a few dinosaurs and two rabbits :'D Well it depends on what shelf would bring everything to life.. I have two dragons somewhere.. but I'm pretty sure I would put my sculpture of Klaue in there :)
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I'd refrain from putting the dinosaurs besides Klaue in, since they tend to act like they would normally once animated :XD:
So putting a Spinosaur in would cause it to start stalking your herbivores and seeking fish :3
And it might bite D:

Klaue is the exception because he's likely far more intelligent and is a close and dear friend, so he'd act how he would when you created him and not like a feral animal :3

I can't remember, but I think the kid got bitten by one of the creatures he animated. I know he got shot by a very tiny arrow because the Indian he animated was so startled, but they became friends later. ^^
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I'm not going to animate my dinosaurs... I have a bigger dinosaur, it has the body of a saurian but is everywhere covered with spikes :D He is without his tail as long as my lower arm plus hand.. I think I would end up stepping on him D: but I have a turtle the same size.. I think it would be fun seein her crawl around :D And I have a ton of pokemon xD

Well you should take care for them and not animate too many of them at the same time^^