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The Magician

Yesterday I finished another painting for the new series :).
Created with Krita.
Copyright © 2017 Sylvia Ritter
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© 2017 - 2021 SylviaRitter
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My favorite card
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The Magician, a card that represents one's inner talents, depicting a man handling a number of four very different intems with ease.

We see a fox, sly fellow it is. Chasing its prey as it can, and overbearing of cunning and trickery to achieve its goal. Practice is what makes the master, and a master of deception is what the Fox can become, stopped only by its faults and carelessness.

I feel this one is also spot on.
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Ooh, I really like this! I really like the way you coloured it :D
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lovely colouring
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Aww wow, this is so beautiful!!! :love: Lovely work!
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This is so pretty omg X3
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*pets it* Softy soft!
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Tarot, right? Will you be making these into physical cards? I would buy a set if you were! I adore the design and colors, and it has a fox! Amazing work :3
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Thank you. Yes, that's the plan :). I have newsletter in case you don't want to miss important updates:….
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Thats amazing!!!! Good job!!!!!
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Would you ever consider making one of these to fit a monitor screen as a wallpaper?
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oh my gawd, i love this so much, your a beast babe <3
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very cool, i really like it. Keep it up
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Omg amazing 😍
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Welche neue Serie? :)
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