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Disco Dingo


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My latest Ubuntu animal illustration Heart

Inspired by Ubuntu release 19.04 which is scheduled for release in April 2019.

Star! Prints are available at my shop Star!

Created with Krita and Blender.
Copyright © 2019 Sylvia Ritter.,
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© 2019 - 2021 SylviaRitter
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Just how did you design this ?

What software did you use ?

Is it vector art ?

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this is amazing

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so nice! love it

there's no download option for it...

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You can always right click and say "save image as".

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Amazing portrait

This is the piece of art that spurred me into digital illustration.

I just started on Krita, could barely do a stick figure, and now I can do some decent basics.

Its been very therapeutic!

I love this Dingo! I hope to produce some awesome pieces like this one day!

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Astrological! Mondo props for this music mashup motif.

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Wow! I love it! I intend to do a piece a bit like that and I have to say your artwork gives me a lot of inspiration!

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I love your color schemes! ♡

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This is vibrant 💜💜😵😵😵

Hello I am Ashwani mics and I get a copyright strike from you please remove it

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Maybe you shouldnt have posted art from the artist without explicit permission then?

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"Dog is a DJ" would have been an excellent title as well.

"How do our allegedly rational and programmed societies function? What moves the populations, what gets them going? Scientific progress, objective information, insight into the facts and causes, the punishment of those truly guilty or the growth of collective happiness? Absolutely not, nobody cares about that. What fascinates everyone is the debauchery of appearances, that reality is always and everywhere debauched by appearances. That's an interesting game, and it's played out in the media, in fashion, in advertising - more generally in the spectacle of technology, of science, of politics - in any spectacle whatsoever. The veritable contemporary social bond is the concerted partaking in seduction. If a revolution wants to take place then it must first seduce us, and it can only do so with the signs. But while a revolution might alter the course of history, only its sight is truly sublime. And what do we choose? 'The people didn't actually desire a revolution, they merely desired its view,' said Rivarol. For such a simulation-effect, for such a seduction-effect we are willing to pay any price, far more than for the 'real' quality of our lives. The spectaclistic drive is stronger than the self-preservation instinct, you can count on that. There is no reality principle or pleasure principle. There is only a finite principle of reconciliation and an infinite principle of Evil and Seduction." - Jean Baudrillard, Fatal Strategies
I think that’s the only reason why trump was elected as president

Sylvia, I love Disco Dingo. What would it take to use your image for a one-off t-shirt?

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Kid, "The colors Duke, the COLORS!"

Duke, "I'm color blind, Kid!"

Kid, "◑﹏◐"

If you don't get the reference, look up Popsicle commercials from the 90's.

BTW, I think this drawing is awesome!

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