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It's been a long time since I did anything on this site, but I've been doing little things here and there so I thought I'd post one of my latest projects.
I'm a long time (though relatively short compared to some) player of Dungeons and Dragons. The latest campaign I run started as a 3.5 game till I finally got hold of the pathfinder books. After playing a few sessions in "The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergard" I decided I wanted my own campaign setting, as up till then I'd never really played with any campaign setting, just a series of somewhat disjointed adventures. So found a terrain generator, played around a bit till I got some continent shapes I liked, used the heightmaps to make some mountains and prettied it up a bit with deserts and forests and rivers. For those familiar with TSGoS, it takes place in a largeish valley, so I plonked that down on the lower continent roughly in the middle and from there I will expand the details of the world.

The world is a disc, though no turtles in this cosmology. It is orbited by two suns with orbit planes that in turn rotate about the disc. This results in a somewhat complex system of day and night in a cycle that repeats every 361 days. 360 by design and the extra one came about when I actually looked at the math and defined the days based on the overall light level rather than 1 degree of solar plane rotation. I ramble...

Anyway, I used this marvellous piece of artwork for the starry background. -->…
Made by this artist that has a fine selection of space stock bakgrounds and artwork. -->

Feel free to use this as a setting for your own games or whatever. Please don't try and claim it as your own.
I might upload a version with some racial boundaries I made up and possibly a video showing the suns as they rotate about the disc.
I wouldn't mind world/continent name suggestions either.
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