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The Last Enemy



This is my first photomanipulation in roughly 4 years now. I tried too hard to make it perfect and ended up spending far longer on it than I initially intended to. I opted for a daytime scene at first, which had more color variety, but I decided that daytime manips were overused so I went the extra mile for a proper night scene. There is a strong underlying theme here that I may have been a tad too subtle with, but I think it's more rewarding this way.



Bear Torso by MentalCinephile, Bear Head by mailia
Python by FearBeforeValor, Lizard by zummerfish
Monkey by Aqua-Stock, Scarf by lagrimadejarjayes
Branch by jojo22 , Grape Hyacinth by Treasure-Box , Vines by MaureenOlder, Banana Leaf by vw1956stock , Water Drops by Aramisdream
Red Panda Torso & Red Panda Head by meihua-stock, Red Panda Paw & Red Panda Tail by Oniendra-Stocks, Lilypad by Alska-Stock, Pear by ManicHysteriaStock, Pear leaves by Sorceress-Eleya, Pear Bite by dazzle-textures
Pelican by EveLivesey, Smoke Pipe by mistyt-stock, Smoke by MaureenOlder, Leather Cap by wyldangel-stock
Adult Penguin by Drezdany-stocks, Baby Penguin by Malleni-Stock, Otter by LydiardWildlife
Tree Trunk & Mossy Trunk End by Malleni-Stock, Seaweed by FairieGoodMother, Starfish by S0n0ra, Barnacles by speedyfearless
Seal Torso & Seal Tail/Flipper by dreamer531, Seal Head by FIGG-ManBearPigs

Bear Skull by Lakela, Bear Ribcage by Katibear-Stock, Pelican Skeleton #1 by Flyg-stock, Pelican Skeleton #2 by RowyeStock, Red Panda Skeleton by @Sklmsta, Python Skeleton by OneSmallSquare, Moss Texture by scotto, Rust Texture by nitch-stock

Moon by swashbuckler, Sky by AStoKo, Aurora Borealis by Mats-Peter Forss, Mountains by Malleni-Stock,

Sea by Wesley-Souza, Underwater Texture byEvilHateYouAllStock, Reef by mysticmorning, Water Splash by FrostBo, Starry Texture by JennyLe88, Ripples by zummerfish

Lined Surgeonfish by YBsilon-Stock, Stingrays by Kilimkin, Underwater Premade Stock by Wesley-Souza, Aquarium by zhulinc, Coral Fish by csharker, Fish-4 by Digimaree, Go Fish - fish are friends by kuschelirmel-stock, The deep stock 6 & The deep stock 4 by Random-Acts-Stock, Fish 4 by An-Image, Sea World: Yellow Fish by Della-Stock, Free - aquarium fish 11 by creationtakesun, Tropical Fish - Stock by Sassy-Stock, Goldfish Stock by artistengg, Fish Skeleton by skitterphoto


Bubbles by MorganBW, Grass by s1088, Fur by nathies-stock, Ground Grunge by pixelstains


This is my entry for :iconlakela: 's Photomanipulation contest in the "Time" theme.

I allow this photomanipulation to be a Game Piece in the "Similar, But Different" Game at :iconmanipulatethis:

Phew.. that was a lot of credits ^^;

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Loving the colours and the detail! Awesome work. :)