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A Tale Retold

By SylversVolpe

I am not used to making manips in such short periods, so the deadline on this contest made me pull a record time and the abundance of required stock forced me to improvise on several occasions in contrast to an inflexible theme, but overall I am satisfied with the result, particularly as this is my first encounter with a snowy setting.

~ This is a contest entry for the 12th birthday Manip challenge.

[Req Stocks]

#resurgere: Package - Blaze - 6
*MGB-Stock: Vintage Wall Paper Texture
=DamselStock: Mary Allen Seminary 1
~SephirothXer0-Stock: Panther 1
~Jaymasee: Eireen13
~boredlamb-stock: february 02
~nixie04: Gargoyle Statue
*BazzleStock: Keys, Ancient
~Ominous-Stock: Black Cape 016
~faithslayer: Old and Dirty Angel
=StarsColdNight: Antique sword 2
*ISOStock: Sphere 012

[Other Stocks]

sxc: Whistler Landscapes
*AnnFrost-stock: Blood splatter brush
=PirateLotus-Stock: Lewana 25
=Falln-Stock: Mountain View Cemetery 27 // 26 // 25 // 24
*KornKidSamStock: R o c h e R o c k 3
~BlackWolver-STOCK: Ruins
~BlackCodrin: Sleeping Wolf
*amorphisss: Snow Brush
=CelticStrm-Stock: Winter Forest Premade BG
*MontvalentStock: Fog on the Dordogne river 10
~Twins72-Stocks: Twins72-Stocks-Poser-12
`faestock: Crow25
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Thank you so much!
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Thank you for the stock! :hug:
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Wow that's a lot of stock! I bet you spent forever just extracting them all from their background! Good luck with the contest.
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Oho yeah, I spend the better part of several hours just rendering stocks now adays, it's the most time consuming phase in manips.
Thank you! :hug:
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Oooo great work! :D Thank you for using my stock! :D
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