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Matching Tattoos

My brother and I with our matching tattoos
I'm on the left, my brother is on the right.

The tattoo description is as follows:

The Dragon embodies me:
- easily tempered when provoked
- Dragons are usually portrayed as a protector or guardian of some sort. In this case, it's my brother.

The Angel embodies my brother:
- calm in nature
- Angels are also protectors or guardians. In his case, it's me.

The tattoos are further deeper in meaning:

The Dragon is depicted to be protecting the Angel showing how I am protective of him.

My hot temperment is shown in the Dragons expression because it's bearing it's fangs.

My brother's calm nature is depicted by how the Angel is just sitting very relaxed.

The Japanese Kanji from top to bottom mean "Flesh" and "Blood". Because although the Dragon and Angel are two completely different creatures, in temperment and in nature, we are bound together because we are flesh and blood.

The design of the tattoo was inspired by various dragon art found on dA a long time ago.
*as of January 3rd, 2008*
I managed to find the artist of the dragon body. Credit goes to ~Ananova
Thank you so much for the perfect artwork that inspired such a deep tattoo for us :)
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I really want a tatto this awesome