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this piece is almost perfect and should get a daily deviation this is easily one of this artists best pieces and the texture and tentac...


handmade Gengar necklace made of nickelsilver  by CopperBat handmade Gengar necklace made of nickelsilver :iconcopperbat:CopperBat 6 9 PORG FROM STAR WARS by PiterMonAmi PORG FROM STAR WARS :iconpitermonami:PiterMonAmi 6 0 Adoptable (Open) by Lymbe Adoptable (Open) :iconlymbe:Lymbe 8 0 Papercutting : Dragonite by Zayger Papercutting : Dragonite :iconzayger:Zayger 33 5 Butterfree - finished by Lauryl Butterfree - finished :iconlauryl:Lauryl 31 3 Everything must come to an End by Gatobob Everything must come to an End :icongatobob:Gatobob 638 41 Christmas Bush by faiarrow Christmas Bush :iconfaiarrow:faiarrow 16 1 The original choice - Medallions by Gatobob The original choice - Medallions :icongatobob:Gatobob 316 21 Starter Revolution by Gatobob Starter Revolution :icongatobob:Gatobob 430 20 Make a Wish - Jirachi by Gatobob Make a Wish - Jirachi :icongatobob:Gatobob 181 11 Mew on a Bubble Necklace by Gatobob Mew on a Bubble Necklace :icongatobob:Gatobob 184 15 Ninetails Necklace - Through Fire and Flame by Gatobob Ninetails Necklace - Through Fire and Flame :icongatobob:Gatobob 681 44 Chandelure Medallions by Gatobob Chandelure Medallions :icongatobob:Gatobob 297 20 Eevee Pendant - Endless Possibilities by Gatobob Eevee Pendant - Endless Possibilities :icongatobob:Gatobob 328 23 Midnight Chill by Gatobob Midnight Chill :icongatobob:Gatobob 361 13 Static Freeze by Gatobob Static Freeze :icongatobob:Gatobob 229 9




you said I was spreading rumors about you
but inside your head you know that's not fricking true.
I just need to forget everything about you; especially that first kiss.
Hey, they say that ignorance is bliss so I guess that that saying is true,
especially about you.
this piece is almost perfect and should get a daily deviation this is easily one of this artists best pieces and the texture and tentacool in the background really make this artwork pop. the bubbles also glisten and are amazing as well. There are only two problems I have with this artwork the first one being that magikarp should look a bit derpier the second problem being that the seaweed lacks dimension and should have a bit more depth to it. other than that I think that you did an amazing job on this artwork and I can't wait to see where your artwork takes you in the future.
this is a commission for banana vulture i had so much fun working on it i hope they like it#203 Girafarig 



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my challenge to you guys is for you to draw pokemon as toys or plushiesMew La Plz Eevee la icon Togepi Raichu la plz Houndour Ditto Shaymin Azurill Bulbasaur Vulpix {F2U} - Vaporeon Icon Mew Fletchling I CHOOSE YOU ROWLET! Icon Jigglypuff I CHOOSE YOU POPPILO! Icon I CHOOSE YOU LITTEN! Icon Froakie Bulbasaur la plz Charmander la plz 150 pokemon Torchic Pokemon Kaoani - Skitty Pokemon Kaoani - Espeon Pokemon Kaoani - Umbreon pokemon gif sylveon Pokemon Kaoani - Pikachu Cherubi Pokemon Kaoani - Persian Pokemon Kaoani - Pichu Pokemon Kaoani - Groudon Pokemon Kaoani - Umbreon Pokemon Kaoani - Weavile Pokemon Kaoani - Celebi Pokemon Kaoani - Gastly Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow Cyndaquil la plz Pokemon Kaoani - Swampert Marill Pokemon Kaoani - Arceus Squirtle Pokemon Kaoani - Chimecho Cyndaquil Chikorita Oshawott Pokemon Kaoani - Mismagius #778 Mimikyu #730 Primarina #745-2 Lycanroc Midnight form Inferno nod emoticon Cubone La Plz Umbreon La icon #792 Lunala #724 Decidueye Gengar la plz Ralts Sylveon Icon Lickitung :la: plz Flareon La icon Jolteon La plz Alakazam La Plz Fennekin Icon Aron Glaceon La icon Lillipup Alolan Vulpix #037 #728 Popplio Luxray La -DPwolf Vaporeon La icon Joltik #197 Umbreon #789 Cosmog pokemon gif eevee Swinub Cleffa Goomy Espurr Icon Leafeon La icon Sandshrew absol la plz Shuppet Pokemon Ampharos Lick Icon - Free to Use Sandshrew La Spheal shiny litwick la emoticon Horsea Braixen Icon Salandit mischief gif Zoroark la plz ninetales la emoticon #405 Luxray Pokemon - Yveltal la Drifloon Satisfied Greninja Emote Nidoran F Lugia.gif DevianART icon Free Meowth Icon Munna Pidgey Oddish Ekans #172 Pichu Ranpuraa #133 Eevee #359 Absol Swirlix Poliwag Tynamo #38' Alolan Ninetales Caterpie Unown-yankee Snorunt Pidove #791 Solgaleo Electrike Cottonee togetic la emoticon Happiny Starly Jirachi la emoticons Taillow Luvdisc Porygon Wurmple Goomy Castform Natu Solosis Spinarak Nidorina gardevoir la Finneon pokemon gif Charizard Budew #745 Lycanroc Bulbasaur Evolution #448 Lucario Whismur Sewaddle #26' Alolan Raichu Lotad Bidoof Kakuna victini la emoticon Magikarp emoticon Spearow Unown-victor Diglett Spewpa Unown-zulu Bagon #727 Incineroar Delcatty La Skipping Wooper #773 Silvally dewgong la emoticon Omanyte Machop Shellder Silly Wobbuffet Nincada Barboach Dwebble Seedot Stunfisk Anorith Silcoon Sunkern Elgyem #729 Brionne #802 Marshadow Pyukumuku #771 Farfetchd Magnemite Shroomish Chesnaught Icon Kabuto Tympole Unown-tango Metapod Weedle Feebas Bronzor #754 Lurantis Bonsly Voltorb Paras Pokemon Kaoani - Arcanine Kissu Lick Durant Exeggcute Chespin Icon Pyroar Icon (male) Cascoon Scatterbug #609 Chandelure #181 Ampharos Clamperl La Top Hat Quagsire Emoji Beldum Pachirisu la Butterfree free icon Slurpuff Icon Houndoom La Sneasel la Furfrou Icon Azumarill la Rayquaza la Giratina la Zapdos Skipping Oddish [7] Squirtle I love Pokemon Tepig la Flaaffy la [2] Ivysaur Piplup Misdreavus la Typhlosion la 2 Arceus Is amazed Floatzel La [DANCING INTENSIFIES] Amaura Icon #509 Purrloin #148 Dragonair :psyduckla: Chinchou Icon Chimecho Emoticon [COMM] - Bouncy chimchar icon Poliwag Emoticon Genesect la Heracross la #572 Minccino DittoLa Snorlax and the Endless Apple Conveyor Belt Illuminatu Confirmed 678a Meowstic Aegislash Icon :eagerhitomoshi: [20] Raticate Miles Dartworth : Chief Prosecutor Gallade Attack #763 Tsareena Snivy looking at something Smug Lilligant Emoji Necrozma Solgaleo(!?)(Remake!) Spazzing Out Porygon2 F2U | Luvdisc [PKMN] Fancy Crawdaunt Emoji Rockruff Happy Icon X3 Florges Emote Frogadier Emote #149 Dragonite #350 Milotic Gulpin emote Ekans #005 Charmeleon #531 Audino to kiss a Teddy The Biting Pear of Salamence-a #330 Flygon #306 Aggron #637 Volcarona 719 Diancie [31] Nidoqueen #793 Nihilego 380 Latias Delibird emoticon Mamoswine Emoji 483 Dialga [24] Arbok Omanyte 648 Meloetta Zoroark Menu icon 647 Keldeo Tyrantrum Icon Grimer: Arms Up Dragalge Icon 717 Yveltal Bunnelby Emote Shiny Ralts Happy Water Gator Aurorus Icon #105' Alolan Marowak Alolan Sandshrew #743 Ribombee Hup, Hup, HOOPAH #150 Mewtwo #335 Zangoose Shuppet #461 Weavile Sigma Caramelldansen f2u torracat icon #431 Glameow Spoink #795 Pheromosa #706 Goodra Wailord Emoji Plusle 'chao?' <da:emoticon id="653694162" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="482874502" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="601647311" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="507674397" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="408647092" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="392886120" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="408544442" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="710541559" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="410583152" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="584432997" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="530929689" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="482876251" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="573931578" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="647215607" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="494816139" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="647215955" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="482872958" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="653700849" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="653695953" profile="deviation"> <da:emoticon id="410666609" 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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
i am 15 years old and would love to share my art with the world


one pokemon of your choice
i will do any pokemon of your choice


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