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Considering offering sketch commissions, though I honestly have no idea how to price my work anymore. Quality would be along these lines:
  Tharturac by Sylveira Sandrirri by Sylveira Nettleflower 'Nettie' Duskrunner by Sylveira 
flat coloured or very basic shading at the most. Thinking maybe $15-$20

Dropping the prices of my existing adoptables down and any I might make in the future will also be cheaper. Even if you can't or don't want to buy a design, signal boosts would be greatly appreciated.

I've been asked several times if I take commissions: Unfortunately no, and that is unlikely to change. They just stress me out far too much. 
As the title says, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in character design auctions? I'm unable to do commissioned drawings because I get so stressed about their quality, time constraints, lack of inspiration etc. But I still need funds, both for my medications and to save towards an international trip, and employment is something that isn't an option for me. 

So! My solution I guess, is to offer original designed characters, but I want to make sure there's interest before I just throw things up and get disheartened if they flop.
These will not be "cookie cutter" adopts, where it's just the same base with different colours.  I don't enjoy creating those at all. They'd be original designs, both humanoid and not, like dragons and things on occasion.
Apologies for the sudden influx of art lol. Realised I haven't posted much here lately and decided to share some of my newer stuff from the last few months \o/
Anyone play? I'm looking for some people to hang around with and murder stuff in game
So, I'm thinking of buying a 30 day(maybe longer idk) realms server, but I wanted to know if anyone was actually interested in joining me on it before I actually pay for it

I'm giving away a free digital copy of said game (I got a steam gift voucher when I bought the game for myself)

You need to have a steam account (need to add me as a friend, my tag is Sylveira or if that doesn't work silveera1) and the game is for PC

Included in the bundle are: Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Divinity: Original Sin, Divinity: Original Sin - The Bear and The Burglar</stike>
I checked my bank account recently and there is about $150-ish dollars missing that I haven't spent and my paypal account is also -$50. So I'm missing around $200. 

I need to make up the difference ASAP so I am selling some of my old characters/characters I never finished and adoptables that haven't sold(all of my own species)

$5 AUD Fancy Drakes

Fancy Drake adopt batch 1 by Sylveira Fancy Drake adoptable 4 by Sylveira

$5 AUD Chimerlings
Cookie by Sylveira Chimerlings Adoptables by Sylveira

Crow $20
  Character sale: Crow by Sylveira

More characters will be added later as I've decided to redraw the older ones
I finally have my own xbox live account, and I'm looking for friends. I play on xbox 360 (xbox ones are still way too expensive) 

I play minecraft and destiny (they are literally the only online games I have)

gamertag is Sylveira

(also, I'm more active on tumblr atm and tend to post a lot of pics there that don't make it to DA. So if you want to see more of my stuff you can go there c:
So, last monday, my Mum went to Perth to have surgery on her left elbow. This is the first of two surgeries, the other will be on her right elbow.

The reason she was having surgery is for an injury that happened at work about 18 months ago, in which the ligaments in both elbows were torn, and the nerve in her left elbow was crushed.

The surgery involved the cutting and reconecting of the major nerve in her arm that controls all the feeling in her fore arm and hand.

Basicaly, this is why I haven't really been up to working on commissions. I've worrying about my Mum and wether the surgery will fix her arm.

She got back today, but we won't know for weeks or months if the surgery was successful.
What the hell is with the new look DA this is the shittiest thing I have ever seen
If you follow my tumblr, chances are you've heard about my Veterinary Nursing course fiasco (basically, I enrolled to do a online TAFE course, paying every fortnight, they bungled up the amounts and payment dates to the point where I couldn't afford it anymore money and sanity wise, so decided to pull out.The cancellation fee was going to be $5390, but because the stuffed me around, they agreed to drop it to 200) 

Well, I need to pay them ASAP, and I'm $60 short of the full two hundred.

SO commission are open once again 

I can do Dragons, Shinlai, Mtts, creatures etc. I can do humans/humanoids but they are not my strength and I may refuse if I don't think I can do your character justice.
I WILL charge extra for super complicated characters

paypal is at the bottom of the journal btw

Note me with your information, do NOT comment with it please.

:bulletgreen: Open
:bulletpink: waiting for details
:bulletpurple: not started
:bulletyellow: preliminary sketch in progress
:bulletorange: sketch approved and/or working on final pic
:bulletred: awaiting payment
:bulletblue: finished
:bulletblack: slot reserved
:bulletwhite: closed

Slot 1 :bulletwhite:
Slot 2 :bulletorange: Oreochema fcfb
Slot 3 :bulletgreen: BlazeDeNosferatu fbscs
Slot 4 :bulletgreen: ithor fbs+cs

Bust Sketch - $2.50

(example to be added)

Full Body sketch - $5

(example to be added)

Full body shaded+coloured sketch - $10 
Rhan by Sylveira Arkan and Dark by Sylveira Maltrick by Sylveira

Character Sketch Sheet - $20 (composed of 2x Bust, 2x full body 1x shaded+coloured full body of one character)

(example to be added)

$15 for a flat coloured full body (+ $10 for every additional character in a single drawing)
Float by Sylveira Levian by Sylveira Jaden by Sylveira

$20 for a shaded full body (+ $10 for every additional character in a single drawing)
Redix by Sylveira Scylla by Sylveira Obstacle Course by Sylveira

$30 for a full body portrait with background.
Contentedness by Sylveira Frozen earth by Sylveira

All prices depend on the complexity of the character, plus extra for additional characters with a maximum of three

If you would like to commission me for something not included in the pricing list note me and we can discuss a price C:

paypal: sylveira(at)outlook(dot)com
Copied from a post on tumblr, that I'm not going to bother with asking people to ask me because literally no one ever does.

(questions with an X are stuff i'm unsure about/still working on)

1. What is your OC’s name? Sylveira

2. What is your OC’s gender? Female

3. What is your OC’s sexual orientation? heterosexual

4. How old are they? appears to be in her early twenties, actually closer to 60

5. What species are they- human, animal, alien, robot, none of the above? Fytherin/elf halfblood (it says human on her ref, but i need to change that)

6. What is their family like? Do they have one? Most of her family is dead, the only ones left are her father and half sister.

7. Who is there best friend? Why? A human named Thorn (he's still a work in progress)

8. Do they have a partner/significant other? Why are they together/not together? I'm still working out all this stuff in her story

9. What is their most prized possession? Why is it so important? The necklace her mother gave her. It's important because her mother is dead :I

10. Do they prefer to be warm or cold? Neither

11. If they could only eat one food for the rest of their life, what would it be? Meat

12. Is there anything they'd like to change about themselves physically? Probably make her dragon form bigger (she is tiny compared to pureblood fytherins)

13. Who is the most important person in their life? Thorn

14. Are they a cat person? A dog person? An okapi person? Bird person

15. What sort of books do they like to read (if they like to read)? She doesn't read unless its a letter or something like that

16. What’s their favorite thing to do on a rainy weekend? Sit under a tree and just watch the rain

17. Where were they born? In an elven village

18. Where do they want to live? Where ever she feels like it

19. Do they have a job? Mercenary

20. If they could work anywhere, where would it be? She works were she wants

21. Do they use any sort of weapon? If not, what would they want if they could have one? Bow and arrows, daggers, magic

22. Do they have any sort of special power/what power would they want? She can turn into a dragon, can also take on smaller animal forms (her favourite is a Harrier)

23. What’s their fashion sense? ... fashion isn't really important to her

24. What do they think of snakes? Loves them

25. What is their biggest pet peeve? The way Pureblood Fytherins treat her as a lesser being because shes a halfblood

26. What is their greatest fear? Dying

27. Do they have any sort of disability, disorder, or health issue? not really

28. Who is the person they hate the most in their life? I CAN'T SAY because I haven't given them a name yet

29. Is there anyone they want to be more like? not really

30. If they got three wishes, what would they ask for? To meet her mother (she died giving birth to Syl), Thorn to be immortal like her, Purebloods to stop being so up themselves

31. Their home is on fire- what do they do? Put it out :I

32. Do they like children? No, they make her extremely uncomfortable

33. Would they rather take a short cut or take the scenic route? scenic route

34. What’s their strongest belief? X

35. What’s their opinion on lying? indifferent

36. Do they believe that the ends justify the means in any situation? sometimes

37. Do they believe in any sort of higher power? yes

38. Which family member are they closest to, if any? not really close to any of her remaining family

39. Do they ever want to get married and/or have kids? NO

40. What was the hardest decision they ever had to make in their life? X

41. What was the happiest day of their life? X

42. What’s their favorite holiday? Don't really have holidays in Aetheria

43. How did they meet their last/current/future significant other? Or their best friend, if non-applicable? Thorn was sent to capture a dragon (which turned out to be her, though he didn't know this at the time) because his king was obsessed with being immortal, and believed the blood of a dragon could make him so.

44. If they were a class in a fantasy RPG, what class would it be? IDK a mix of druid and ranger maybe (i don't really know much about this stuff)

45. Do they have any birthmarks or scars that they're embarrassed by? manacle scars around her wrists and lash scars on her back

46. What’s their favorite color? Purple

47. Do they have any piercings or tattoos? Do they want any/any more? ear piercings, small tattoo on her right shoulder

48. Have they ever tried drugs or alcohol? She likes drinking occasionally, never touches drugs

49. Are they an idealist or a realist? realist

50. Are they more introverted or extroverted? introverted

51. What is their main goal in life? to be free to live how she wants

52. What are they willing to sacrifice to accomplish that goal? X

53. Would they ever kill somebody (what would they consider a justifiable reason to kill someone?) She has killed a LOT of people

54. Have they ever kissed someone? Do they want to? X

55. Have they always been comfortable with their sexual/gender identity, or is it something they've struggled with? yes, she's always been comfortable

56. Do they have any special ability or marking that sets them apart from others of their species/race? Why is it so remarkable or strange? Apart from being smaller and duller coloured than pureblood fytherins, she isn't overly different from them. As for differences to elves, the flanges(?) on her ears, also her silver eyes and being immortal (Aetherian elves aren't immortal, but live a lot longer than humans)

57. What’s their ideal endgame? X

58. If they had a Tumblr, what would they blog about? birds.. weapons... how much she hates humans

59. Any kinks or fetishes? no

60. If they only had one day left to live, what would they do? Get really drunk

61. If they found a wallet with the equivalence of 200 dollars in it, what would they do? keep it

62. If they live in a world without magic/without mainstream magic, do they believe in magic? lives in a world with magice

63. If they could have any pet ever, what would it be? ferrets

64. Who is the person they admire most? Why? No one

65. Do they think they are attractive? not really

66. What is their biggest regret? Not killing the King (Thorn's lord)

67. What would they do for a klondike bar? I don't even know what a klondike bar is

68. The most important person in their life has been bitten by a zombie/whatever qualifies as a zombie in their world. Do they put them out of their misery, or try to find an alternative? Put them out of their missery, though it would probably really mess her up

69. Is there anyone in their life they just can’t say no too? Why? No

70. Are they more math, science, or art oriented? art

71. Is there anything they like that would be considered geeky in their world? not really

72. Did they/would they leap at the call to adventure, or were they/would they have to be dragged along? Leap at the chance

73. Do they think there is more to life than whatever they are doing right now? no

74. Which Disney Princess would they like the best? Merida

75. What’s their most positive trait? Loyal

76. What’s their fatal flaw? X

77. What do their friends/family/teammates find most annoying about them? she is unbelievably stubborn

78. What are their biggest strengths? X

79. What are their weaknesses? Terrified of deep water and spiders (giant spiders)

80. What is most memorable about their appearance? In her elf form, her glowing silver eyes. dragon form... shes a dragon

81. What’s the most embarrassing thing they have ever said/done? X

82. Do they dwell on the past, or live in the moment? tries to live in the moment, but usually ends up dwelling/brooding on her past

83. Why is their main goal so important to them? What set them on that path? X

84. Do they believe that people are inherently good? no

85. What is their opinion on themselves? X

86. What emoticon describes them best? :|

87. Is there any other fictional character you would compare them too, personality or appearance-wise? not really

88. Do they know how to dance? Do they like dancing? can't dance

89. What sort of music do they/would they like? Tavern music

90. What do they consider the worst evil in the world? X

91. What’s the closest they've been to dying (or, if they're already dead, how did they die)? X

92. What’s their spirit animal? idfk

93. Do they like their name? Is there any name they'd rather have? yes, she likes her name

94. What is the significance of their name? X

95. Have they ever been bullied? Have they ever bullied anyone? X

96. Are they a light or heavy sleeper? light

97. What do they dream about when they sleep? nightmares

98. Do they prefer an urban or a rural setting, or something else? living alone in a forest

99. Is there any moment or event that they feel defines their life and who they are now? X

100. Why is this character important? To you, and/or to their world? X

So it doesn't seem to be a heart attack, but his heart will start racing every now and then. However, they did a CT scan and now they think he may have had a small stroke.

On top of all of this, my mum has to have reconstructive surgery on the tendons in both of her elbows, and she's basically been told she will never have full function of her arms (she'll have anywhere between 50-70% usage of her arms) and its highly unlikely she'll ever go back to work. (The tears to her tendons are  work related injury that she's been having trouble with all year. She had physo for most of this year, but its done more harm than good)

Oh, and Grandad's funeral was yesterday.

I'm so fucking tired. I just want to curl up in ball and dissappear


Mum just rang, her and Dad are at the hospital. They think my Dad is having a heart attack.

My Dad rang…

My Grandad passed away about ten minutes ago

I'm sad, but also releaved. I know he wanted to and was ready to go.

I don't believe in heaven or god and all that, but I do believe that wherever he is now, he's with his wife Helen.

Grandad is still alive (god that sounds horrible) He hasn't had a stroke, but he's had a massive bleed on the right side of his brain. He slips in and out of sleep, and will talk to himself like he's reliving old memories. He recognises everyone, but is incredibly weak and can't move his right arm or leg, he also still has small seizures. His kidneys have completely failed, and as a result he can't take any of his medications. The family has decided as a whole to follow his wishes and let him go when the time comes and not keep him alive on a machine.

We brought his cocky to our house (grandad decided when he got him that he would go to us when the time came) We've also found a home for his dog, Zy (she will be going to my grandad's neighbours who are close friends of his)

Cocky(he doesn't really have a name) is currently sitting in his new cage, talking to himself


UPDATE: I just rang mum, they are moving grandad to the palliative care ward.


I apologize to everyone that I ow commissions. My grandad was taken into hospital yesterday, he's in end stage renal failure, and was incoherent, didn't know what days it was etc. My mum and dad went down to see him about twenty minutes ago.

He's had a stroke, and was having seizures as my mum was talking to me.

Things are not looking good.
FR name is Sylverstorm, lair number is 12696


Male Aqua Ripple/Aqua Current/Ice Underbelly

Female Aqua Ripple/Aqua Current/Ice Underbelly

Female Gold Bar/Leaf Shimmer/White Underbelly

Female Gold Bar/Green Shimmer/White Underbelly

Male Gold Bar/Leaf Shimmer/White Underbelly

Male Sunshine Bar/Leaf Shimmer/White Underbelly

Female Gold Bar/Green SHimmer/White Underbelly

I need friends for friend safari :c 

my friend code 2208-6458-7027(don't forget to tell me yous c: 
Taking 3 at a time.

Lineart commissions.

$10 for a full body

$6 for a bust

so I can stalk you look at your town/city on google earth. 

I'm bored and I'm kind of curious where some of you live 

I live in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia incase anyone wants to know. You can see the giant hole in the ground I live near :3