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Ribbon Brushes

By sylvehr
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Set of ribbon brushes created from some stock images of organza and grosgrain ribbon. I couldn't find anything *not* messy, so I made this myself. First brush set ever, so if anything is a bit rough, please let me know! :)

Some are just slightly bigger than 100px so that they may be used on 100x100 icons (for instance, on LiveJournal).

No credit necessary, but it would be nice to see what you use these brushes for! :)

Use them for whatever you need! No license necessary, just happy to know someone will get use out of the brush set! :)
© 2008 - 2021 sylvehr
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bellissimi grazie

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Your brushes are beautiful!
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I can't find the download link
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Thank you so much ! 
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they look wonderful, hard to believe this is your first brush set. I cannot wait to try them out. thank you soooo much!  Jan
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Thanks! They're beautiful! 
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Thanks for this..!
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Beautiful! Thanks in advance
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Thank you so much! Your brushes are beautiful! 
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great brushes i used them here
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I will probably be using your brushes a lot, so I will give you credit when I do, but I wont post everything I do with them here...but I WILL give you 100% credit
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this is lovely! thank you for the set! 
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awesome Thank you so much :))

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thank you so much!!very beautiful
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I used your brushes here, thank you~!…

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So Pretty I love them. <3
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how beautiful it is!
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You can see the green arrow on the right that sais "Download File, ABR, 1.3 MB" ;)
Now, I had already downloaded these, used them, let's say a month ago in CS5 and they magically disappeared from my computer.
So I figured out I'll just download them again, but this time all brushes are terribly grainy, terrible noise, you can't see the ribbon. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

P.S. I will post a link for you to see how I used them, once I'm done :)
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