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The hut of Cailleach Bheur

The home of the wintery crone.
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Jan 21, 2012, 10:21:25 AM
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CactusMunkee's avatar
awww....reminds me of Eeyore's house! Nostalgia...
SylvanSmith's avatar
I did not see him when I was there. Thanks for the fave.
Vampirbiene's avatar
Have you built this?
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It is in a nature trail, and some one had already half built it. I merely added to it-on one boring afternoon of my life.
Vampirbiene's avatar
I see, and it's good to see that it's still intact. When you built something here, it will be probably gone the next day. I took this picture [link] two years ago, and I clearly remember where this stone was. When I went there this year, it was gone. Can you believe it? Someone just takes away a piece of history. It was the same with a sofa that our kids built in the woods (it was a kindergarten project) - it was destroyed one week later. This makes me furious!
SylvanSmith's avatar
It was still intact, but it is partially hidden as well. It did have some kind of graffiti carved in it though. XD. Nothing escapes the vandals. I know what you mean. People are selfish and destructive. We would have nice things if people were not scumbags. I used to get angry at the senseless destruction, but there is not any point as I would be angry all of the time.
Vampirbiene's avatar
Good point. You can't be angry all of the time. I am the same. I could get steamed up all day long over things I can't change anyway. Funny thing is that I participated in a survey about blogs, blogging and reading last year. It was some kind of behavorial study about people who write and read blogs. Yesterday I received a general information (it was for a diploma project for an university) and a personal analysis based on my answers (I have to say that the questions were very general and sometimes I couldn't give a proper answer and just chose one that would be the nearest to my possible real answer). Anyways it says my extraversion is under average. I know that I'm introverted, but if I'm really THAT introverted then it's no wonder that I'm only steaming inside until I get sick. So I won't get angry anymore :-)
SylvanSmith's avatar
I can be the same way. There is nothing wrong with you because of this. You probably expect people to behave correctly, and I am the same way. I stopped cleaning the nature trails after I got the Lyme's disease. The kids would throw their crap all over the place and it was pointless to invest my emotions into it after a while. It was an inevitability. Even if I told them not to throw their garbage in the woods, they would wait for me to leave and do it out of spite. Such is life. We can only do our part. I am sure that you raise your son to be respectful, and that is all you can do. Sometimes being decent means you have to (as we say) eat shit (excuse my French).
Vampirbiene's avatar
I know what you mean. And I stopped to clean behind the kids as well.
I could open a waste depot of my own, if I continued carrying all that stuff out of the woods.
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Yes, perhaps we need the wood spirits to rise up and destroy the polluters.
Speaking of spirits, I found that that they have posted 'Supernatural' up to season 6 on Netflix, so I am getting caught up. I just saw up to where they are searching for Sam's soul, and they killed Crowley.
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MadPrinceFeanor's avatar
Awesome shot, and totally jealous that you have snow. :grump:
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Thanks for the fave on this.
SylvanSmith's avatar
Thank you. My camera sucks, and I am even worse as a photographer. XD. We only had it for 2 glorious days. It does not feel like winter without snow (then again the 2 previous years were kind of crazy, but great for snow sculptures).
Niamhsnotion's avatar
Wow, so fat snow layer, I'm jealous :)
Who is Caillach Bheur?
SylvanSmith's avatar
Danke for the fave on my other picture.
We probably had over 6cm of snow. Not a lot, but good enough. I was very happy.
Cailleach Bheur was an Irish/Scottish Goddess that personified winter. She began her life as an old crone and grew younger until Spring arrived. :snowflake:
Perhaps I will summon her to travel to Germany for you. :snowing: I am sure that you will enjoy the snow when it comes.
Niamhsnotion's avatar
You are welcome.
(Okay, that sounds good :thumbsup:)
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