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The Mask of the Dark Druid

The Cailitin clan of druids had been sundered by the new religion, and all of those who worshipped old Crom were forced to hide in the bogs and dark forests. Some chose ageless forms of rock or tree that were as twisted in appearance as their souls had become.

You can buy it on Ebay [link]
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Aww man, Im really fond of this one. I just love the root/hair/beard action going on there. But i can't really tell if it's made from wood or some other material, I might buy it if the shipping wont ramp up the price to oblivion. :)
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It would cost a lot of money to ship it, and it is papermache and not worth it.  You can make one easily enough for a small fraction of the cost.  The root hair is just crumpled tinfoil- either mached over, or sometimes just coated with the hot glue from the glue gun. I think it looks a lot better in the pics than in person, but thank you kindly for your compliments.
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I really want to learn to do this!!! Perhaps I'll be buying from you one day.
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I don't sell them anymore, but thank you all the same.
  I can tell you the method, and it is very easy.  You only need tinfoil, old newspaper, elmer's glue- or regular craft glue, and a hot glue gun.  The tin foil is used for shaping, or making parts. You then hot glue scraps of newspaper over it, covering the newspaper completely, but conforming to the shape you desired. Then you dip scaps of the newspaper into a mostly glue mixture- so they have glue, bit it isn't overly saturated; then press it over, and layer it. Let it dry, and paint it. That is mache. Very easy. It takes a mask or two to master, but it is easy. There are a lot of different methods on youtube- which is where I learned.
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Thank you for sharing ^^
I hope I'll find the time to try this sometime :)
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Sure, thanks for the watch and the faves. 
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Sweet! I'm going to do this.



ahahahahahha bahahhahahaha
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I forgot to mention that you can shape things with clay - I use something called Das airhardening clay. The mache paste sticks right to it. Here is a page with a different method and tutorials. I don't use the method shown here, but it gives you an idea of possibilities. Search Youtube, you will find good stuff.
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HUZZZZAWWWW I'm gonna look at these!!!
iron-hag's avatar
Beautiful work!
SylvanSmith's avatar
Thanks for the fave, I like your work too.
4956's avatar
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Thanks for the comments and faves. I haven't seen your sculptures in a while. You are really good with that.
4956's avatar
Thanks,i'll have to keep it up.
SylvanSmith's avatar
You should, they are great.
SylvanSmith's avatar
Thanks, I like your drawings.
Ivyssauro's avatar
you are welcome,thank you very much :) i'm glad you saw them and i'm flattered you liked them!:)you are a much talented artist,i just love this mask, it's so cool, reminds me of celtic pagans religions, and it is so detailed and organic, great work.
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Thanks a lot. 
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Verra welldone from the forest ,yet with fire.
SylvanSmith's avatar
Thanks, you do great work.
dugbud62's avatar
Your verra welcome. I greatly appreciate the praise. From one as able as you.
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