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Halloween Spell Circle

Just a little Halloween fun - and no, I do not dabble in the dark arts. XD.
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Harusaki-chan's avatar
did you write the invocations yourself? Dangerous stuff to be writing, even in jest. I hope you know what you're doing.
SylvanSmith's avatar
Yes, I wrote the invocations myself. I even cut my finger and bled in the circle (when I was carving the Pumpkins). I don't believe in the metaphysical, and as I expected, nothing happened.
SylvanSmith's avatar
Danke, it was meant to look a little scary.
Vampirbiene's avatar
Actually, I saw something like this here too. I didn't take a photo because of the bad lighting of the place, but honestly speaking it kinda freaked me out because I didn't know the meaning of the signs. I may go back there tomorrow and take a picture in case it is still there.
SylvanSmith's avatar
That picture isn't the whole design, and the LED Pumpkin lights never show up on camera. Since I don't believe in any witchcraft I was not scared. I just used Google translate and translated some lame sentences ("I call upon you lord of Darkness, lord of demons etc.") I was laughing the whole time I made it. I know how this stuff freaks people out- but if you think of it why would the Devil (that fictional character) respond to Latin? XD.
Vampirbiene's avatar
I'm not scared of witchcraft strictu sensu; to be honest, I'm more scared of people who believe in it in a frightening way. Seeing symbols drawn in blood freaks me out.
But some summoning on Halloween and have fun doing it can't be bad.
I think demons would respond to anything but Latin.
I'd probably make my late Latin teacher rise with my scattered Latin knowledge :D
SylvanSmith's avatar
XD. I tried cutting/pricking my thumb, but it was too difficult. I managed a drop of blood. I think it is retarded to worship the Devil (if he was real). A few years for eternity? That is nuts. If he was real, I would never worship him. But I guess we worship him with our actions more than anything else. I would know about that.
Vampirbiene's avatar
I always knew you're not real, but now it's official. You have asbestos hands, or you're one of my ancient vampires that can never be hurt physically :D
Although I love the stories and the legends, all the devil worshipping is just bullshit. We don't need a devil to believe in, most of the time we're just like devils.
SylvanSmith's avatar
My tears come easier than my blood- perhaps I am a Twilight Vampire afterall. XD. [link] I am so over the Devil.
Vampirbiene's avatar
I don't want this kind of vampire :D or, to be precise, I actually do, but skip the sparkling part and all the daywalking.
katha21290's avatar
wow,its cool, i would like to do this all the while
SylvanSmith's avatar
Danke, it is just some chalk and candles.
J4D3W0LF's avatar
Lol I do this sort of stuff all the time! XD <--- well in my world that's in my head. x_x It's fun.
SylvanSmith's avatar
It is easy, just get some chalk, some candles, and Google translate, and you have a bonafide spell circle with Latin summoning spells. XD. I didn't research it (not that it isn't made up to begin with XD), but just made it look legitimate enough to pass.
J4D3W0LF's avatar
O_O still a little dangerous to be making one if you don't intend to use it. Especially with all the real translated symbols and stuff. 0_0 If you don't know what your doing I would suggest not getting the legitimate stuff. unless you HAVE done this stuff before (and not telling anyone lol) then I guess that's ok. Cause I've tried the crap before without doing a lot of research and I almost got something stuck in my house that I didn't want. x_x; It was a bitch trying to get it to stay out >_<
SylvanSmith's avatar
I do not believe in magic, although it may effect people who believe in it by virtue of suggestion.
J4D3W0LF's avatar
Oh o_o; well we all believe in what we want. :D
SylvanSmith's avatar
Truth and want can be two very different things. The world would be more interesting with supernatural and metaphysical happenings, but the truth is they are manifestations of the mind.
J4D3W0LF's avatar
not true to someone who believes in them... Please don't aggravate me on this subject. I was trying to be peaceful about this. Do not insult my beliefs with yours.
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Intellectual freedom is about exchange of beliefs. If your beliefs are logically solid they will survive.
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