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June 28, 2020
Arcane Idol Challenge by Sylthuria
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Arcane Idol Challenge

EDIT 2: Daily Deviation!!! :squee: So excited! Thank you so much!

EDIT: Made it into the semi finals! :D Really happy with that!

My entry for the Arcane Idol Challenge here on DeviantArt :) It seemed like a lot of fun (and DaveRapoza 's work for the challenge really inspired me!) so I wanted to give it a go!

The 3 elements that had to be included:
- The Magical Talisman: The orb with floating 'wings' on top of her head.  
- Equipment: The hat in her hand.
- Logo: The two logos on the pillars in the background, resembling her magical talisman on her head. 

The backstory for this character is that she is living in a futuristic world where there are only man-made droids left. After their uprising they destroyed most things that had to do with human life, and animal life too. Anything organic is gone, and from the many times their memory had to be overwritten in their life times, these droids only remember shards of what life was like before their uprising. There are many myths about organic life forms, some droids even try to reconstruct them with holographic images or projections. These shows were, though interesting, not wildly popular under the other droids, until this particular droid found an artifact from the times humans lived. She had ventured into the ruins on an old forgotten theater and found the hat and cape of a magician. The talisman she found next to it seemed to have a strange effect on the hat, it changed the hat so that she could conjure real birds from it! It was like a portal to a different time. To us it might look like a cliché trick, conjuring some birds from a hat, but this trick now drew huge crowds of machines. The birds had real feathers and would amaze the crowds until they'd burn up, dissapearing as quickly as they appeared. 

Haven't before participated in a challenge here, so curious to see how that goes :D (Big Grin) Thanks for looking!



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Thanks a lot! :dummy:

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Very nice work! :clap: !!!

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That's really awesome! ♥️
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Thank you very much! :D

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A fab combination of mystical and sci-fi
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That is truly humbling to hear, thank you! :D

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You’re very welcome
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INDEED! It's crazy!! :la: Thank you so much!

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I love the cold, almost clinical lighting - it gives the piece a real sense of power!
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Thank you! :D Glad it gives that feeling, I really wanted it to be quite cold, to fit the background story better!

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This is so good! If this is your first contest, then I hope you win (yeah, so what I entered as well, but this is awesome work!) and I hope you keep making stuff like this! If you expand on this more, you could have a great story on your hands! This is amazing!

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Thank you so much!! :D It means a lot to hear that! I wish you best of luck too, it is really exciting and nerve wrecking to wait for the results haha!
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Oh GOD!! is this really your first contest??! But how your art BREATH TAKING! I mean you have to be one of my top favorites! I mean the design looks unique as f, I haven't seen an entry like yours!!! Ahh!! I'm so excited for you! Good luck!!!

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The first one on dA yes! I participated in one once on another platform but that was unsuccessful. Hoping for better luck now! :D Thank you so much!! That's so awesome to hear!
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