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Cider Attack


High Scores

1. DerpyTheMuffin 119746
2. Raimar-Albain - 106746
3. MinecraftGal240 - 65930
4. MinecraftGal - 64350
5. Vegetalss - 64349
6. ElwisFromPoland - 54200
7. puppyland25 - 45156
8. BronyKas - 43000
9. dragonluver12366 - 37000
10. Theobald93 - 35699
11. mayaladybug - 30900
12. SylrePony - 28048
13. ZephyrAria - 25300
14. Vika-900 - 25000
15. Minitheif - 24984
16. Ningerbil - 23800
17. EternalMangaka - 21750
18. love-for-nothing - 21298
19. HyperNerd13 20048
20. P47HFIND3R - 19485

During the apple-catching phase, hold down the action button for a very quick burst of speed (and I mean quick, about 1/3 of a second...)!

"No pony else in this whole place will give you such a chance to be where you need to be
And that's a new world, with tons of cider
Fresh squeezed and ready for drinking! "
-Flim and Flam

Wanting to make a lot of cider never hurt anyone, so while you're here at Sweet Apple Acres, take a shot at it and make as much cider as you can!

Also, a lot of points never hurt anyone. Get a lot of those too, so you can brag to your friends!

For each apple tossed into the press, one barrel of cider will be generated, even if it is a bad apple.

When 10 or more barrels are stacked, Mayor Mare will count up the barrels. If there are barrels with bad cider in them, 4 seconds will be deducted from your time for each bad barrel.

When time runs out, Mayor Mare will count the remaining number of barrels you have. This time, however, bad barrels will subtract from your score instead of your time.

The bad apples are the ones with bruises, and the good apples have a little bit of a shine on them. (for the people who were wondering).

Zap apples will actually purify a whole batch, if you are lucky enough to get one!


A - to move left
D - to move right
S - to do stuff

Also, right click at any time to go back to the Mane Menu.

I removed the arrow keys (sorry) because they interfere with a youtube video playing... =(

Also, the "Custom Music" can support a URL to a Youtube Video, for your own music, instead of the one I give you.

The URL has to be in a different format than just copy-pasting the page URL. Like so:


Notice the difference:


--> Delete the "watch?" and replace the "=" after the v with a "/".

This generates a link to the movie itself, not the page.
FYI, this is important!!!!

Just click the black button labeled "Custom" when you have a valid URL, and it will load!

If you want the stock music back, just click the green button labeled "Stock Music".

The default URL I put in there for your horizon-expanding adventures is "The Jazz Police" by Gordon Goodwin.

Sweet Apple Acres BG by :iconbleukettu:
The Ponies, trees, and scoreboard are from Desktop Ponies.
All the menu artwork belongs to various artists (not me).
The rest (like the cider, barrels, etc) I drew myself.
MLP:FiM belongs to :iconfyre-flye:

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