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Consciousness by Sylphire616 Consciousness :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 1 1 Constellation by Sylphire616 Constellation :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 7 0 Feathered Dragon by Sylphire616 Feathered Dragon :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 4 2 Feathered Dragon WIP by Sylphire616 Feathered Dragon WIP :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 2 0 Portrait Study by Sylphire616 Portrait Study :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 13 3 Tarakona's Creature Compendium: Axiyo by Sylphire616 Tarakona's Creature Compendium: Axiyo :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 9 3
Black Energy
“This place… what is this?”
“It’s a void. The pit of all origin. This is where the collective birthed their demons until it manifested into an entity of its own. And since then, their will has nurtured the beating heart of this creature.
“The collective are a blind race. Their beginnings preached of greatness and wealth of virtue, but it was because of their own actions that they had been dashed forth into a spiral of destruction - and still, they perpetuate this most unholy fate. Guided by their own madness, this is the proof of their misgivings.”
“Wow… how had they managed to survive this planet for so long? It looks so well-fed. I mean, are they even still around?”
“Yes. They are. Most of them are held within this orb, you see here. If you ever take these off, you're bound to hear the screaming and wailing. It's just dreadful.”
“I can't believe this. An entire race? Swallowed up by dark matter? I have hear
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I love you, no matter who you are! [GIF] by Sylphire616 I love you, no matter who you are! [GIF] :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 15 4 Siren Headshot by Sylphire616 Siren Headshot :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 27 4 Tarakona by Sylphire616 Tarakona :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 15 2 Don't Be Shy, Part 1 by Sylphire616 Don't Be Shy, Part 1 :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 127 16
Purple Tie
One day
What I hope to see in my lifetime...
Is a place that I called home
In my innocent years
So cheerful, lively
Days so bright,
Bearing fruit
And good luck for the future
One devoid of malice,
And bias,
And hatred,
Where smiles would mean
"I'm happy!"
Instead of that same smile,
That meant
"I'm sad."
As I grow older
My eyes more weary,
The world becomes bleaker.
Darker, and more frightening
The light becoming dimmer
As our own hole is digging deeper
Deeper into our ground,
As it becomes a crater
And eventually, an abyss...
One day
I hope to see our dear country
Truly united,
As the United States of America!
With people bubbling with joy,
Holding our hearts together
Through adversity
No matter the misery,
And pursuing our Happiness.
And here, to start
A list of a few categories of people
No matter:
The list goes on and
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The Mouth by Sylphire616 The Mouth :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 7 1 :CHIARO: Chapter 1, Page 1 by Sylphire616 :CHIARO: Chapter 1, Page 1 :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 3 0 Siren by Sylphire616 Siren :iconsylphire616:Sylphire616 19 3
Hey, Red
When he told me that Red had cancer, I didn’t believe him. I couldn’t; but when I heard the hitch in his voice, his lip quivering, his breath catching in his throat which threatened to reveal his intent, I knew that genuine tone was true, instead of his usual jovial demeanor. Dad’s eyes were glassy, his cheeks red with mourning.
“Hey, Jade,” he said, “We might be going out after I make a few phone calls.”
“Okay,” I replied, and turned my attention back to my monitor, but my mind, like it always had, strayed away from my work. I was staring at the eye socket of my first Taurokan, the rough black lineart that encased the blurry image layered beneath it. Whilst my gaze had lain upon that trivial piece of work, my attention spanned back to what Dad said. We’re going out… we’re going out… ? Why? It was a school night. I was planning to take a shower and wash away all the grime from my hair. Something white brushed
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Jaden Yuki x Reader
It had been a few days I think since Jaden had his duel with Yubel. During the first week he was gone I hadn’t even left my room to attend classes, I just couldn’t gather the energy to get out of bed, and the thought of Jaden not being there in class just dozing off like always made my heart ache. The first few days everyone was pretty understanding, but eventually after realizing they had not been seeing me around campus at all, Bastion and Alexis forced their way into my room and essentially dragged me to the dining hall to eat a proper meal (I had been living off of small granola bars and water for those few days). After that I still refused to leave my room, and everyone was getting pretty worried, even stone cold Chazz Princeton felt the need to come and give me one of his “Pep Talks™”.
But the only thing that was able to get me out of my room was when Syrus nearly ripped my door off its hinges to tell me that Jaden was back. That he had miraculously
:icontheunforecastedstorm:TheUnforecastedStorm 9 3
Sketch a day 336 by skraww Sketch a day 336 :iconskraww:skraww 261 4 Everything will be Okay by yuumei Everything will be Okay :iconyuumei:yuumei 21,898 450 Commission: Survivors in the Woods by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Survivors in the Woods :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 81 1 Quaggan by AlexandraKnickel Quaggan :iconalexandraknickel:AlexandraKnickel 484 113 My Brushes by HoustonSharp My Brushes :iconhoustonsharp:HoustonSharp 11,409 557 plant spirit by Apofiss plant spirit :iconapofiss:Apofiss 15,927 630 Almost Never Cast -- Part 1 by KytCordell Almost Never Cast -- Part 1 :iconkytcordell:KytCordell 14 0 I'm Not Entirely Here by Jekyll1125 I'm Not Entirely Here :iconjekyll1125:Jekyll1125 6 4 Lily Pad Raft by Hideyoshi Lily Pad Raft :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 194 5
You're sharing what makes you happy
I got jumbled up thoughts but I'll keep it as short as possible:
I know that the number of followers and +fav's can get to us sometimes, to the degree of using these numbers as a scale of self-worth as an artist or even person.
But please take a step back and see that we use platforms such as dA to simply SHARE our creations and ideas of the shows we enjoy, our wild imagination and each unique form of expression.. even just plain dark humor.
Years ago I judged myself through these numbers. I insulted myself and hated that I wasn't as good as other artists. This demeanor did not help me improve my art, it actually made me hate drawing cause "nobody rewarded me".  What reward? I have no idea now, but I just expected others to make me feel happy for what I did.
Did you enjoy drawing that?
Good, that drawing has already served you its purpose.
Treat yourself as you would treat your 6 years old self.
:iconjoyfool:Joyfool 63 20
2B by L3monJuic3 2B :iconl3monjuic3:L3monJuic3 636 13 [P] Valentines Day 2017 by Vensauro [P] Valentines Day 2017 :iconvensauro:Vensauro 12 5




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