Unlikely Companions [Event]

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Kelpie was not sure how she had ended up with her titan companions - her mind got a little foggy when she was on dry land, truth be told. She vaguely remembered coming across them while she was out foraging for the good ripe berries of fall, and being asked if they could tag along. She was unlikely to keep company with… well, anyone she supposed - but least of all a pair of titans that towered over her small dwarf body! Hades and Persephone seemed content enough to stride along a pace behind her as they made their way through the fallen autumn leaves in the forest, seeking bushes and trees that might still bear good fruit. Kelpie felt so small compared to them that she thought no one would even mistake her for their pup, too small even to be a fresh new titan. Still, it wasn’t so bad to wander through the woods with company this time of year when all sorts of stories were going around about ghosts and evil creatures in the shadows. Persephone seemed content spending time with the much smaller female, and taking in all the fall flora - she stopped them often to exclaim about some plant or another, and fuss over those plants clearly nearing the end of their life with the oncoming cold weather. And Hades well, he only had eyes for Persephone and was eager to stop any time she wished, refusing to rush her. Kelpie silently wished for a faster pace, but she was not about to voice that to the pair of titans.

During one of their many stops, Kelpie was letting her eyes wander idly when they fell on a blackberry bush ripe with the semi-tart fruit just a few paces away. “Found some!” She announced to the titans, already moving towards the bush while fumbling open her satchel that already had a small collection of fall treats from earlier gathering. Persephone looked up from the wilting flower she had been crooning over sadly, and her sadness was wiped away with a smile when she saw the fruit that Kelpie had found. “Oh, lovely!” she exclaimed, giving one last regretful look to the wilted flower before leaving it behind to begin gathering berries as well. Hades let out a huff at the sharp change in his companion’s mood, but followed along with her nonetheless - he was carrying the basket they were using for their own gathered supplies, after all. Nudging the basket lid off, he moved to one side of Persephone while Kelpie was already hard at work gathering her own on the other side of the soft pink female. The dwarf was picking any that looked ripe at a rapid pace, while Persephone took her time to pick those she thought would be the sweetest and gently placed them in the basket as she went, worried about bruising or squishing the other fruit within. Impatient with the time she was taking to pick, Hades started plucking berries as well though he took care to place them just as gently as Pers was in the basket, earning him a soft smile from her.

Once they were satisfied they had gathered most of the ripe berries from the bush, Kelpie set off in the lead once more as Hades hefted the basket back up and followed with Pers at his side. The pair conversed quietly as they walked behind Kelpie, though she couldn’t hear what was said every now and then Pers let out a tinkling laugh and was rewarded with a grin from the big male. They came across another berry bush, but after some consideration they agreed they had plenty of blackberries already and moved on, leaves crunching softly beneath their paws. After a short walk Persephone called for them to stop again, and Kelpie steeled herself to wait patiently through another round of the female cooing over a blossom when she turned and looked to where the titan female pointed eagerly - hanging not far above Pers head was a beautiful ripe red apple, and upon further looking Kelpie saw there were many more in the tree that were ready for picking…. though most of them were well out of her own reach. While Kelpie frowned up at the tree trying to figure out how she was going to gather apples, Hades was already taking the lid off the basket he carried and Persephone had begun plucking apples off with ease and setting them gingerly within it. Padding over to the trunk of the apple tree, Kelpie stood herself up on hind legs and using the trunk for balance, stretched herself out as tall as she could trying to swipe a low hanging apple from the tree. Fall apples were her favorite, but they were so hard to gather! Muttering to herself, she hopped up and managed to swat the apple down so it thudded to the ground - well that would probably bruise it but at least she got one!

Noticing their smaller companion struggling to reach the fruit, Hades set the basket he carried down at Persephone’s paws so she could continue her careful gathering of the fruit while he padded over to Kelpie and, without a word, began plucking apples and handing them down to the smaller fel. Kelpie opened her mouth to protest - she was used to doing things on her own, after all! - but Hades gave her a quiet look that said he wasn’t about to hear argument from her about it. Swallowing her protest she took the first apple and tucked it into her satchel carefully next to the bruised one she had managed to get on her own. So Hades continued to pluck the apples and Kelpie took them and packed them safely away. After a moment Persephone looked away from the apples she had been gathering to see where Hades had gone off to - she hadn’t even noticed that he had left her side, so absorbed was she in her picking. Seeing him helping their smaller companion, a near stranger really since they had only met her this morning and agreed to forage together more out of convenience than necessarily liking of each other, brought a Pers’ face and she paused a moment longer to watch, her eyes laying fondly on Hades while he was absorbed in his task. Feeling her gaze on him, Hades glanced over at Pers and she quickly averted her eyes, feeling her face heat and hoping he hadn’t caught the feelings in her gaze before she pulled away. Hurriedly she went back to picking apples for herself and Hades, and the big male shrugged and shook his head - women! - before he also went back to gathering apples, continuing to hand them down to Kelpie.

It was not much longer before all the apples they could reach were picked, and though many still hung temptingly above them they were not about to try climbing up there to get the rest. Kelpie was almost thankful, since her satchel was close to bursting and quite heavy now from the many apples that Hades had helped her gather. As the male went back over to his basket, he glanced in before fastening the lid on it. “Not sure we can fit anything more in here.” He said, grunting as he hefted the container once more. Kelpie nodded agreement - “I don’t have any more room in here either… I should probably head back now, get these all stored away.” She said, awkwardly shifting her paws. She was not a social one, and not sure how to say she wanted to get away and back to the peaceful water where she could be alone once more without sounding rude. Thankfully, Persephone was fussing over the weight of the basket that Hades carried now and saved her from needing to make an excuse. “Oh, that really is quite heavy. We should go too, Hades you shouldn’t have to carry that one moment longer than necessary! Kelpie… it was nice meeting you, and thank you for keeping us company today but I think it’s time we left. Yes, maybe we will meet again another day. It would be good to see you again. Take care now!” The titan female gave Kelpie a genuine smile and ruffled her mohawk fondly with a paw before turning away. Hades grunted a wordless goodbye as he shuffled through the leaves and foliage after Pers, focused on hefting the basket of goods and keeping it steady so as not to damage the contents. Kelpie gave a sigh of relief as they turned away. “Yes, thank you!” She called after them, before settling her satchel more comfortably and marching off towards home to the sound of the leaves crunching under her paws and the soft noises of the forest as it settled into the changing season. 

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