Thunder Rolls [1v1]

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Even though Odium disliked just about everything, there were a few things that he despised more than others and Spring time was definitely at the top of that list. Winter was cold, and colorless, and most other vargs stayed at their homes or inside somewhere - it was peaceful, and he was able to avoid much of the usual annoyances from warmer seasons with so many reluctant to go out unless necessary. Spring though, that was quite the opposite - everything was gathering its color back, and those who had stayed inside all winter were out and noisy and in his way once more. Everything even smelled colorful, and the worst of all was probably the ceaseless rain that brought the life back to everything. Water was also on the top of his list of most hated things. Even with the onset of spring, and the rain that came and went as it pleased with little notice, the silver male refused to give up on entering the monthly sparring matches. He had signed up as usual, though grumbling the whole while, and waited impatiently until the pairs were set and the messenger came to inform him of his opponents name and the location of their match. For once, when he was given the news, Odium had nothing to complain about - his partner was well known in the matches as well, a hardy fighter who would be a worthy opponent, and the location finally didn’t involve water in any way. His match was to be held on the peaks of Fenrir’s Incisor, and while most would dread being assigned that location, to Odium it was far better than most of the usual spots.

On the day his match was to be held, he set out as the sun rose to make his way from his home in the Vale of Whispers to the steep mountain slopes on the other side of the island. It was a long trek and he had considered leaving the prior night and camping there to wait for his match, but the thought of spending a night out in this horrid mud and rain and pollen filled world that was springtime in Ulfrheim was not appealing. By far he preferred making the long walk on the day of his match - so long as he left home early enough, he could arrive on time for his late afternoon match and his body was well used to long days of work so he wasn’t concerned that it would weaken him before the match. The dirt roads were more like a swamp beneath his paws as he walked, the ground heavy with too much water from the spring rains but at least as he set out the sky was clear. As he walked he let his thoughts wander through his knowledge of his opponent, Trooper - the male had been sparring in the official matches about as long as Odium had, and he was said to be quick and focused when he fought, seeming to put all his attention into the battle and changing his tactics to fit the situation with ease. He didn’t fight with anything as far as Odi knew - not like the silver male himself who had a large rack of antlers set on his head with their tips sharpened to lethal points, and large tusks fitted on either side of his jaw by a leather head piece that was decorated with bits of bone and a few teeth. Despite that, Odium felt that today would at least be an entertaining battle - as always he was completely confident that he would prevail in taking down whomever he faced, but there had yet to be a day where he didn’t feel that confidence - he had been fighting all his life, and more recently he had learned to control his bloodlust in a manner that made him more lethal than ever, where before he had let it rule him and make him sloppy in his battles.

The mountain trail that led to where his battle was to be held was just as damp and disgusting as the road had been, and he trudged up the path with his teeth bared in distaste. Even summer with its loud parties and obnoxious heat was better than this mess that was spring. When he finally arrived at the ridge that was set just off the path about halfway to the top, where he was to meet his opponent, he found it empty still - so he had arrived first, good. Pacing along the stone outcropping that was to be his arena today, he scowled at the damp and muddy footing - far less than ideal, but compared to the battle Ulfr had decided to host on a ship this was far better. Setting his back to the mountain so he could ensure the better starting point away from the edge that dropped off into open air, Odium settled in to wait. Not much time passed before the cream male appeared on the path below, and Odi watched him wind his way up to the ridge for their match. As the other took his place across from the silver male, Odium settled down into a loose crouch and bared his teeth, giving the barest nod to indicate he was ready for the match to begin. Trooper sunk into a similar pose, the pale cream male eyeing Odium’s tusks and horns thoughtfully - just as Odi knew of Troopers reputation, he was sure that Trooper knew of Odium’s as well. Still, the other male did not flinch as he squared up across from Odium and returned the slight nod.

With that silent and subtle gesture, both males began to pace carefully along the muddy rock and earth as they sized each other up. A flash of lightning branched across the sky above them followed quickly by a rumbling peel of thunder, but neither male flinched as they continued their slow circling, waiting in the hopes of the other making the first move. Odi kept his head low to the ground as he moved, the bones on his head piece rattling quietly as the sky darkened above them. Another flash of lightning broke the sky and Odi decided to take the opening it created as the sharp burst of light came and quickly disappeared, leaving them blinking to adjust their eyes to the dim light from the now clouded sky once more. Ignoring his momentary blindness, Odi rushed forward with his head still down, charging at the slightly out of focus figure of Trooper as the other male worked to adjust his sight as well. As the thunder rang out after the lightning, suddenly the clouds that had gathered overhead let loose with their torrential spring rain and Trooper reacted to Odium’s bull rush, sidestepping out of the way with a growl as one of Odi’s tusks clipped him on the shoulder, leaving a raw red line in its wake from the sharpened point. Odium spun around as Trooper lashed out in retaliation, snapping his jaws at the silver male’s exposed rump but catching only a mouthful of fur as Odium turned. Cursing the timing of this storm in his mind, Odi swatted at Troopers jaw as the male pulled back from his failed attack and managed to rake his claws across the cream male’s nose, though not with enough force to leave more than a scrape where they connected.

It seemed this battle was going to continue at a fast pace, because as Odi scrambled around in the mud to get his back to the cliff and away from open air once more, Trooper advanced on him with teeth bared, snapping now toward Odium’s face. The silver male tossed his head, using the tusks he wore on either side of his maw to catch the attack and shove it away quickly, pulling himself free only to swing his head again, this time with the intention of using the tusks as a blunt hit on Troopers jaw from the side. However the younger male ducked under the swing and lashed out with his paw at Odium’s exposed legs, managing to rake a deep gouge in his flesh and drawing a loud snarl from the older male. Odium jumped back to avoid a second swipe from Trooper, and slipping slightly as he landed. Another flash of lightning came, giving Odi the opportunity to regain his footing before Trooper could take the opening his slip had created, and as the world returned to the dull grey of a spring storm once more and thunder peeled overhead, the two males faced each other in a crouch just as they had at the beginning of their match, both with teeth bared and small wounds that mingled their blood with the rain and the mud. Through his threatening snarl, Odium found his mouth twitching into a wicked smile as he paced around in a circle again opposite from Trooper - yes, this would be an entertaining match indeed. As the rain soaked through his pelt, Odium charged once more, determined to re-engage with his opponent before the next flash of lightning. Despite the fast pace, he had a feeling this battle would continue on well into the evening. For once, he didn’t even notice the despised rain dampening his skin as he began the battle anew.

1,559 WC

Official ImportSlayer Odium 1785
Tracker: Slayer Odium's Tracker
Competition: 1v1
Location: Fenrir's Incisor
Opponent: Trooper, the Gladiator 2858
Category: Elite
Preemptive Heal: N/A
Applicable Bonuses:
Greataxe - Chance to proc a +10 bonus score while participating in 1v1 competitions. (Does not stack with Spear of Might or Half Blade).
Moose - 10% chance to succeed in any 1v1 based competition.
Spooky Raccoon - Removes the ability for the Felvarg to sustain injuries when failing 1v1 encounters and provides a 10% chance to return a randomly rolled competition trait when failing any and all competitions. This companion comes with an import application possibility. 
Competitive - The thrill of competition runs deep through your veins. You gain 3% bonus in any and all competitions.
Iron Fist - Your thrill for the kill increases the chance you will succeed in any 1v1 competition by 5%.
Warmonger - Your ruthlessness and skill in the art of war grants you a 5% chance to succeed while participating in 1v1 interactions.
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