Some Can't Be Saved [Event]

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Alice had somehow ended up a step ahead of Beloved as they made their way through the oppressive darkness that had settled in the Vale of Whispers - the male dwarf was not sure when his cream companion had taken the lead, even if it was a small one, but he was somewhat glad for the respite from that stress. She had also removed the lantern that hung from her satchel and lit it, adding it’s desperate glow to that of the lantern he carried that had been struggling to light their way so far. The small bubble of light his single lantern had provided spread outward with the addition of the second flame, though still the light did not go as far as it should. Instead of fading out slowly into shadow around the outer reaches of their glow, the darkness created a solid wall at the edge of the light. As the glow pressed outward, Beloved thought he saw some of the wilting flowers that populated the Vale shift as if in a breeze blown towards the pair of vargs picking their way along, some blossoms even perking up slightly as the light touched them. No, surely that was just the delirium of the darkness getting to him now, the flowers should not be reacting so strongly to the darkness being pushed back - they shouldn’t be reacting at all! The glow of the small flames within the two lanterns the pair carried were no replacement for true sunlight, it offered the plants nothing and yet as they continued on, Beloved got a small sense of them shifting as each new plant came into the light.

“I think this darkness is beginning to drain my sanity…” Beloved whispered, words falling hollow into the darkness as if it even suppressed the sound. Alice raised an eyebrow at him. “You see them shifting too? Like the light of our lanterns is giving them a burst of life?” She asked, and he flickered his gaze up to meet hers briefly. “So I’m not crazy, then.” Alice added, taking his look as confirmation. Neither wanted to speak more, their words falling so flat into the darkness felt wrong so they continued on in silence and tried to ignore the strange reaction of every flower they passed, as it seemed almost to breathe in life from the light they carried. Alice kept her focus to their right while Beloved took back the lead as they walked and watching in front and to their left - though for all they knew, someone could be out there less than ten feet away that needed their help and neither would see or hear the other as they passed, so dense was this cursed black smog. Both vargs still took care to step around patches of flowers, perhaps more so than they had to begin with now that the flora had such an odd reaction to their passing. It would be far too unsettling to crush one now, as they seemed the only life in this vale other than the pair out searching.

Maybe it was a trick of the light, but something looked different through the darkness in front of them and caught Beloved’s eye. His already creeping pace slowed to a crawl as he watched the spot that looked off, trying to determine what it was before him - Alice almost stepped out ahead of him before noticing that he had locked onto something and slowed, so she hurried to match his pace and squinted towards the spot where her partner’s attention was fixed, but could see nothing. Still, she kept even with him and waited as they approached the spot, and slowly before their eyes a small hut materialized out of the endless darkness, their weak light spreading up one well built but weathered wall just in time for them to stop before running into it. Alice perked up at once, happy to find a building but Beloved set his ears back flat against his skull, a look she couldn’t read rippling across his features. “Shouldn’t we go around to look inside and see if anyone is here?” Alice asked softly, tilting her head in concern - why was he reacting so strangely? Wasn’t finding a building a good sign, a landmark for them to use on their path?

Beloved shook his head silently, glancing around their small bubble of light to be sure this was what he believed it to be - yes, the flowers that he had been so carefully avoiding on his path were gone now that they were in the shadow of this hut, the ground raked over and scraped clear of any plant, even grass. It was just hard packed dirt here beneath his paws now, and Beloved began to back up at once, wanting to get out of sight of this home before anyone present inside might notice the brush of their light against one of the few windows it sported. Confused, Alice reversed with him but she frowned at the wrongness of it. “Don’t we need to check inside, and see if someone needs help? That is why we were sent in here, after all.” She finally asked as grass once more gave way under their paws and petals turned to face the light as they left the bare piece of land. Not looking at her, Beloved sighed. “The varg who resides here wouldn’t accept any help offered by me, or any who associate with me. Even in such a dire situation as this. And for all I know… he might have something to do with the darkness appearing in the first place. We need to go.” His voice was rough with suppressed emotions, but the small male was not about to admit to Alice, someone he had hoped to call friend though they were barely more than acquaintances within their pack at the moment, that this was the home of the adoptive brother who had abused him all through puppyhood. Odium was the only varg who would destroy all living plants around his home, when it was settled in such a normally lovely vale.

The tone Beloved used was not one Alice would challenge, not yet anyway - time for questions once they were finished with this mission and safe once more in the light of day, but it felt wrong to leave as Beloved guided them sharply left and set off once more, one small step at a time as he placed each paw with care to disturb the pitiful, struggling flowers as little as possible on his way. He knew she would ask about this later, any sane varg would, and he wasn’t sure he would be ready to answer that. Shutting the worry over this out of his mind, he walked determinedly through the blackness with his lantern, Alice at his side adding to the glow with her own light. Time for everything later, they had lives to save today.
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Event piece for myself and Inkasaurus-Rex 

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Activity: Love is in the Air - Darkness Over the Vale
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