Purple Monster [1v1]

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Odium was convinced that Ulfr was intentionally torturing him now. This month he had already endured a battle on a sharding boat of all things, out on the sea with no land in sight. As if that were not enough, he found himself yet again heading to a waterside battle arena today. His second match of the month was set on the shores of Lake Lysa, where the footing would be soft clay instead of sand or firm dirt. On top of that, he had been paired with yet another opponent who had more fur than was natural, in Odi’s opinion. The two things he hated most when it came to battle - getting wet, and getting copious amounts of fur stuck in his teeth. Still, he wasn’t about to no show on his match because of those things - he would have to be on his deathbed to miss a match. One upside to the match was that it was at sunset and the lake was quite close to his home in the Vale of Whispers so that he could take his time making his way to their assigned sparring ring. He knew of his partner, but only by name - Vaelyros - as they were a regular competitor but he had never faced them himself, and they were not well known enough for him to go out of his way to learn more about them outside the general knowledge anyone who followed the sparring matches had, that he was a titan with a thick purple coat.

As the day began to fade, Odium set off towards Lake Lysa and tried to keep his temper in check. He had improved by miles in controlling his rage in the last few months but he still had to stay aware of it to keep it in hand, and with the match he was walking towards it was especially difficult. Underneath the rage at his watery sparring arena and the overly hairy competitor he needed to face was a burning excitement, thrill at the chance to test out his fairly new weapons - the pointed antlers and sharpened claws - on a beast as big as Vaelyros. Facing down a titan was no easy task for a male of standard build size like himself, but he was confident and eager to see what new ways he could attack with barbs on almost every end of him now. His pace quickened as he let ideas and plans for the upcoming battle form in his mind. As always when he reached his destination he was early, though there was a small crowd from the followers of the competition that always camped on site to watch all the battles take place. Those gathered stayed well out of his way as he stalked towards the lake, mouth twitching into a snarl as he stared out over the water for a moment before turning to find the roped off area that would mark the battle arena for his match.

His opponent was not present yet, and so Odium entered the arena alone and angrily eyed the lake lapping along one side that had not been roped off. As ever, Ulfr liked to keep things interesting and had set their sparring grounds up tight against the water - plenty of room for a match but also ample opportunity to send one’s opponent for a swim. Pacing around the area to get a feel for the footing, Odi grimaced at the feel of the clay squishing under his paws with every step. It would not be an easy battle with such soft and pliable footing. Sharding lakes. Finished with his brief survey, he took up a stance at one end of the arena and let his eyes wander over the land - carefully avoiding the lake - as he waited for his opponent to show up. As the oranges and pinks of the sunset began to fade Odium noticed a ripple in the crowds gathered around the sparring arena, and soon the large figure of Vaelyros appeared as the vargs waiting to spectate shifted out of his way. The purple titan walked with a bit of a strut, baring his teeth slightly and snarling every now and then at those who didn’t move far enough out of his way yet there was a gleam in his eyes as he watched them leap back out of his way that made Odium think much of that was for show.

At last the titan stepped into the roped off arena and turned to face Odi, preening a little as he did so while the crowd shifted back into place behind him. After a moment of standing posed just inside their roped off battle ground, Vaelyros turned to eye Odium with disdain - clearly he was disappointed in how small the standard build male was compared to himself. Vae sported a pair of horns as well, though his didn’t appear to be used for causing pain as often as Odium’s were since they lacked bloodstains and instead sported a soft glow. Since they turned back away from his face instead of forward, Odi didn’t see much to worry about with them. Vaelyros clearly thought Odi’s horns, claws, and tusks were no threat either as he glanced over them quickly and without any visible reaction to show concern or even interest. The titan took up a stance across the ring from Odi, silently staring as Odi slung himself into a stalking crouch as he waited. And waited. After long tense moments, Vaelyros dipped his head ever so slightly to indicate he was ready to begin, and Odi returned the nod before turning to begin his usual circling to size up his opponent.

Thankfully Vaelyros turned and mirrored Odi’s circling with his own slow stalk around the ring, watching the smaller male with a careful eye. The purple titan tested out a threatening snarl, but Odium was not bothered. So far all he knew of this male was a whole lot of pretending to be tough for show. Vae’s eyes flickered with disappointment that he quickly hid when he wasn’t able to draw a rise out of Odium, and he continued in his stalk with a sullen glare. Good, let him learn his scare tactics wouldn’t work here. After long moments of careful circling Odi had to admit that Vae was not going to make the first move now that his attempt to scare the smaller male had not worked, and so he watched carefully as the purple titan paced along in a mirror his movements, waiting for the perfect opening for an attack. Once Odi’s back was to solid ground and not the ominous lake waiting along one edge of their ring, he took his opening and launched himself across the soft clay at Vaelyros, sending an arc of the muck spattering out behind him from the force of his jump. Rather than aiming for the larger male head on, Odi set his course towards the titan’s exposed ribs and lowered his head so his antlers would be the first to connect if he managed to land a blow. Vaelyros had been waiting and watching carefully for Odium to break and make the first move, so he was ready to dodge when the smaller male came flying towards him but he had not expected Odi to aim for his ribs, instead thinking the standard male would go for weaker points like his eyes and neck. He stepped backwards but it wasn’t enough to get him out of range before Odi was on him, his sharpened antler tips digging into the titan’s shoulder rather than the aimed for soft ribcage area.

The force of their collision rattled Odi for a moment but he was ready with a slash of his sharp claws, though too slow as Vae had been less shaken thanks to his larger size and sidestepped, grimacing as his flesh was ripped free of the pointed horns that had stabbed into him. Paws slipping in the soft clay as he hurriedly backed away now that Vae had freed himself, Odium put some distance between himself and the larger male. A close quarters fight was not going to end in his favor, he needed space and speed to win this one. Unfortunately Vaelyros knew that too, and the titan advanced as Odium fought to back up faster, not wanting to turn his back on the larger male. With a quick glance over his shoulder Odi made sure he was still backed on the side of the arena away from the water, before setting his paws in the slick clay as best he could to face down the advancing Vaelyros. The titan male had begun to rush Odi when suddenly the smaller male was no longer backing away but instead had set his paws as firmly as he was able and lowered his head so the pointed tips of his tusks and antlers stared Vae in the eye as he rushed directly towards them. Setting his paws, Vae attempted to slow down in his charge but the clay slid underfoot and his weight and size worked against him to continue his forward momentum. Unable to stop himself, he did manage to slow down slightly before he was crashing chest first into the pointed tips of Odi’s weapon arsenal. As the titan slid into him, Odi heaved forward with all his strength as Vae snarled and lashed out with a great paw, catching the smaller male on the side of his skull and causing his ears to ring as he felt hot blood begin to flow down his cheek through his fur, but blood began to drip onto his muzzle too from the points where his thrust with antlers and tusks had managed to break skin.

Panting slightly from the effort, Odi now fought to untangle himself from the mass of fur and limbs that was the much larger Vaelyros. Ripping free of the claws still striking at him wildly and the tangle he had managed with his antlers, Odi bounded backwards to the other side of the ring, as much distance between himself and the now very angry and slightly bloody Vaelyros as he could manage before shaking himself free of mud and blood. He could feel the wounds on his face still bleeding freely but ignored the sting of them as he squared up once more. Vae too was recovering himself and backing away, looking little worse for wear despite the numerous small injuries he had received from Odi’s pointed horns so far. But he was eyeing Odi with a new appreciation and care, no longer seeming to rely on his size alone as he squared up again. After just moments for them to catch their breath, the pair were sinking low to the ground once more and beginning another, more careful stalk around the ring as battle resumed. 

1815 WC

Official ImportSlayer Odium 1785
Tracker: Slayer Odium's Tracker
Competition: 1v1
Location: Lake Lysa
Opponent: Vaelyros, the Bloodseeker 3701
Category: Open
Applicable Bonuses:
Greataxe - Chance to proc a +10 bonus score while participating in 1v1 competitions. (Does not stack with Spear of Might or Half Blade).
Moose - 10% chance to succeed in any 1v1 based competition.
Spooky Raccoon - Removes the ability for the Felvarg to sustain injuries when failing 1v1 encounters and provides a 10% chance to return a randomly rolled competition trait when failing any and all competitions. This companion comes with an import application possibility. 
Competitive - The thrill of competition runs deep through your veins. You gain 3% bonus in any and all competitions.
Iron Fist - Your thrill for the kill increases the chance you will succeed in any 1v1 competition by 5%.
Warmonger - Your ruthlessness and skill in the art of war grants you a 5% chance to succeed while participating in 1v1 interactions.
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