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Before when it had just been Alice and Beloved working their way through the darkness over the Vale of Whispers, time had seemed both to stand still and pass at alarming rates in their small bubble of light. By some stroke of amazing luck, the pair had come across two of their packmates out here among the flowers and darkness also searching for any who might be lost within. Now Minerva, Ansger, Alice and Beloved gathered in a circle of light created by their three lanterns within the oppressive black and all four seemed in better spirits for the extra company. They had taken a few moments after stumbling across each other to share what they had found so far of the lost vargs and the source of the darkness - which was, almost nothing. Following that they had a brief break to drink a small amount of the precious water supply each carried in their satchels before taking up the lanterns once more. They had all agreed upon gathering that it was smarter to keep together, the unnatural darkness had proved harder to traverse than anyone could have guessed before entering it and with four of them they were more likely to spot signs of those lost within the darkness, and keep better track of the direction they walked so they could eventually reverse course and make their way out into the world of light and sound once more.

Minvera was reluctant to let Beloved take the lead, but she agreed after some discussion - she was his senior in the pack after all, and a lead in her area as well. But the story of Alice and Beloved coming across Freyja and her plea for them to bring back those lost won Beloved his place at the head of the group finally. Likewise, Minerva and Ansger took inspiration from the rope that Beloved had looped around himself and Alice to keep them from being separated, and they were quick to fashion their own, and tie it onto the rope between Alice and Beloved as well so the whole party was now carefully strung together. Alice clung close to Beloved’s side once more, still uncomfortable with being out of range to touch him where the darkness might consume her. Ansger carried neither pack nor lantern like the rest of them as they set off, but he still moved with a visible limp from the leg injury he had suffered not long ago. Neither Beloved nor Alice had dared to ask him just how he had talked Kaladin into letting him pair up for this mission - they had a sneaking suspicion that the gruff male had not asked permission before finding a partner and setting off.

Luckily the injured male’s pace did not slow them down, as the cluster of packmates worked their way through the vale one slow step at a time. Beloved and Alice were careful not to trod on any of the blossoms that spread over the ground, though they had not shared their observation from earlier that the flowers were somehow drawn to their little bubble of light that moved through the fog - really, the odds of Minerva and Ansger believing them were fairly low. More than likely the other pair would think that the darkness and silence had gotten to their minds, causing them to see things that were not there. Better they didn’t mention that, and regardless of belief or not it seemed that Ansger’s limp would make it near impossible for him to evade the flowers with how thickly they littered the ground in the Vale. Alice tried to ignore the sound of each flower being crushed as they moved along, wincing every now and again out of sympathy for the light starved plants. After leaving behind the trail they had followed to find Minerva and Ansger, the group saw no more signs of life - it was as if anyone who had been in the vale was swallowed up entirely by the darkness. Not even some of the nocturnal creatures could be heard moving about around them - only the stuffing cotton feeling in their ears ruled in this silence.

Minerva was reluctant to speak up, but the silence was pressing down hard and she could take it no longer. “Do you think we’re going the right direction? The entire sky being obscured by this darkness is making me feel as if we’ve gone in circles.” She sighed out, only speaking loud enough that her voice would carry through the dense air to her companions ears. Ansger looked at the dwarf female out of the corner of his eye, keeping his silence but glad he was not the only one experiencing this feeling. As Beloved kept his eyes on the few feet of path ahead of them in their lantern light, Alice turned to glance back at her other two packmates. “None of us are sure of anything in here. But Freyja said the island needed us to find those lost, and so we’ll keep walking until we do.” It seemed the cream female’s fears from early had been forgotten now that she was in a larger group that could keep a pair of eyes looking in every direction as they traveled. Frowning, Minerva gave no response though Ansger nodded in silent agreement with Alice.

Motioning sharply for silence, Beloved slowed their pace even more and squinted ahead of them through the darkness. All three of his packmates turned their focus where he looked - yes there was definitely a large shape forming through the shadows ahead of them. As one the group slung themselves into a careful crouch, though Ansger gritted his teeth as the movement twinged his healing injury. The shape in front of them was making no noise, and didn’t appear to be moving, so on they crept until their bubble of light washed over it - not a living creature, but a young tree. It lay still, not even it’s leaves stirring as not so much as a breath of wind moved through this cursed black vale. Stepping up to it, Beloved’s lantern light washed over more trees in increasing size the further out they lay. “It seems we’ve reached the far edge of the Vale.” Beloved sighed, turning to face the others. Nothing to do but angle themselves in a different direction now, and try again to find any of those who had been consumed in this black fog.
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Event piece for myself, Inkasaurus-Rex , and CharmysARPG - featuring magneticknives Ansger 3580 for EXP.

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