Mammoth in the Room [Beast Hunt]

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Abraxas had been enjoying an evening in his cups at one of Hearth’s fine Inns, tucked away in the corner with a table to himself. It was as good a way as any to spend his time, and the wine was half decent, if not a vintage he would go out of his way for. Most of the other patrons were on the other side of the common room, surrounded by the clamor that comes with large groups gathered in a single room. He just wanted to enjoy his wine, so he had found a place to sit as far away from the common riff-raff as possible tonight. The sun had painted the skies outside the Inn windows a vibrant shade of orange as it made its way toward the horizon - it was almost peaceful. Almost, because shortly after he had settled down in his quiet corner with his wine an uproar had started somewhere out in the village. Probably one of the many summer festivals happening, though he had not heard of any happening tonight or he wouldn’t have bothered coming into town. It sounded like shouting, and there were crashes accompanying the noise that he was not sure he wanted to know the source of. The Inn walls drowned most of the sound out, but the muffled clatter from whatever was happening out there swirled together with the hum of the crowd on the other side of the room from him to make it much less pleasant than he had hoped his evening would be.

Killian had managed to talk his parents into letting him explore Hearth alone tonight - his first time travelling so far without another adult to supervise! He had gathered the bag full of spending money he had earned and set off for the town early in the day, planning to head for home only when darkness was falling. Several hours later he found himself with a much lighter coin purse and a satchel full of all sorts of goods, most of which only a young male would find interesting. Toy weapons, prank items, and all manner of sweets - though he had eaten a fair bit of those, until his stomach was ready to burst and he had no choice but to stash the rest of them for later or explode. Unwilling to head home yet, though the sky was splashed with oranges as the sun prepared to set, he had found his way to one of the Inns in town and ordered some dinner, settling among the crowds drinking and talking over each other with a table all to himself in their midst to eat his meal while completely unaware that some of the noise shaking through the building was not from the crowd inside, but something happening close by outside.

Finally fed up with the noise as the sounds outside increased - presumably whatever party they were throwing was traveling through the streets and getting closer - Abraxas tossed back the last of his wine, setting a few coins on the table for payment and getting to his paws with a scowl. Killian was also setting coins out for his meal, having finished eating and noted that the sky had darkened enough that he should probably head home. Reluctantly he got to his paws, and padded distractedly towards the door. He began rummaging in his satchel for another sweet - surely he could handle one more, now that he had finished his dinner? - and while his head was buried in the bag of sweets he stumbled right into Abraxas on his way to the door. As the older male rounded on him, shoving the youngling back with a snarl and opening his mouth to begin a lecture on pups needing to watch where they were walking, the noise outside rose to it’s loudest point and with a sudden CRASH the door was …. gone?! Killian let out a squeal of terror both from the snarl and the crash, though the cry was a bit muffled by his mouth full of pastry, and stumbled backwards. Wood and glass rained down around them - it was not just the door that was gone, but an entire corner of the building they had been in was torn off to reveal the source of the noise. Vargs ran through the streets screaming, all flowing away from a great hairy beast with tusks the size of small boats sprouting from it’s face.

The creature was what had torn off the section of the Inn, and it made a loud trumpeting sound while stamping it’s feet before turning away from their building and back out into the street. Various parts of it’s body connected with buildings, damaging - or completely destroying - them in it’s wake. Abraxas stared after it, Killian beside him as they both forgot their confrontation in the chaos and confusion over the beast’s appearance. “Whoa…” Killian whispered, breaking the moment of shock and Abraxas rounded on him with a scowl. Before the older male could start whatever lecture he had just remembered he wanted to give the pup, Killian darted away. “We can’t just let it destroy the village!” The pup yelled at no one in particular, dashing after the mammoth down the street filled with wreckage from buildings and stands. Abraxas stared after him for a moment in confused silence, then grumbled quietly to himself about not letting a kid get all the glory before he began running after the beast too. It seemed they were the only vargs running towards the creature rather than away from it, though the beast didn’t seem to be chasing anyone. Really it seemed distressed and confused, trumpeting loudly often and turning in circles or shaking its head.

In the chaos, Killian had managed to get in front of the great beast and he pulled himself up to his full height - sizeable, but still smaller than he would be when an adult - and yelled wordlessly at the mammoth to draw it’s attention. The beast swung it’s head around in confusion for a moment before settling the gaze of one huge eye rimmed in white on the pup. It made a quieter distressed noise and tossed its head more. “Hey! You can’t just run through here! People live here!” Killian yelled at it once he had it’s attention. The creature showed no sign of understanding his words and after a moment it swung a different direction to avoid walking over the pup in front of it, wandering away in a new path of destruction. “Well that was stupid, kid.” Abraxas commented, appearing behind Killian as the pup stared after the mammoth sadly. “At least I tried! No one else is doing anything but running away! You didn’t do anything!” Killian growled back at the older male before running after the mammoth again.

Abraxas hated that the kid was right, and set off after him without a word. As the pup dashed forward, dodging between the great feet of the mammoth in what could be considered either very brave, very stupid - probably both - the titan male ran along side the mammoth. This time when Killian leapt out in front of the creature, Abraxas moved to stand beside him. Again the mammoth rolled it’s eyes in fear and distress, but this time as it was faced with two vargs it groaned and turned around, heading back through the path of destruction it had made in the town. “Hey! Look it’s going away! Maybe we can herd it!” Killian exclaimed, bouncing excitedly on his paws and staring at Abraxas. “We?! Uh, fine. As long as it gets out of here so I can go find a new Inn to get a drink after all this.” the older male sighed. Taking this as total agreement from Abraxas, Killian grinned and set off at a run after the mammoth, trotting along by it’s left flank and growling as he went to keep it motivated to move out of the town. Well, it was better than letting the beast destroy the town anyway, Abraxas thought to himself. He hurried to follow the pup’s idea, stalking along on the mammoth’s right flank and snapping at it to keep it moving.

With the motivation of two vargs herding it along, the mammoth seemed more than willing to go where they wanted it. The beast rolled it’s eyes as it watched the vargs growling and snapping at it, and quickened it’s pace. Since it had left a swatch of destroyed and damaged buildings from the path into the town, the beast stayed in the open areas it had created with no trouble and before long they were at the edge of the village with it. Now that the mammoth was faced with open land, and the pair herding it had drawn a crowd watching their actions with awe blocking it from entering the village again, the beast rolled it’s eyes once more in fear and snorted before taking off at a run down the open road. “Good riddance.” Abraxas growled, glaring after the creature for a moment til it was almost out of sight before turning and stalking back into town. “There better be at least one Inn still standing.” He grumbled as he left, ignoring Killian and all the vargs who had gathered to watch them chase the creature off. Killian spent a long moment grinning and nodding at vargs who praised him for his brave effort to save the town. “Ok ok well I need to get home! I don’t want to get in trouble for being late, and Kaladin will want to hear about this so he can send someone to make sure that thing doesn’t bother another village or come back here!” he told the crowd and hurriedly set off out of the village toward the pack camp. He sure hoped that they would believe him when he told his tale tonight…..

Beast hunt for myself and BoneSmirk 
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