Little Fire [1v1]

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Odium was not having a good month. It had started out well enough, better even than he had hoped. His new pair of horns, sharpened just to his liking to match the tusks he wore strapped to his muzzle, had been an exciting new focus and a way to vent his ever present rage in methods he had never thought of before. Leading up to his first battle of the month he had been eager to try out his new weapons on another varg, having only been able to use them when hunting up until then - he had sparred with Saoirse as usual to practice but by now he even considered her - well maybe not a friend, but a decent partner - and so had been unwilling to truly use them in his mock battles with her. Unfortunately his first match had been the pairings made up only of those truly skilled competitors, and there had been two problems with that match - firstly, the match was set to take place on Hongerige beach which was quite bad enough. To make matters worse for himself, he had underestimated his younger opponent and ended up getting a good soaking near the beginning of their fight. There was nothing worse than water, and it had ruined Odium’s mood for the entire month after that.

Still, this second match of the month gave him a bit of hope. He had been paired with a young female named Nakari, and the name was not familiar to him nor any of the contacts he kept in the sparring world. The battles this time were the ones open to anyone who wanted to take their chances, and it seemed that his partner might be a newcomer to the sparring scene. He always enjoyed taking the new blood down a peg  when they entered and thought they could take on some of the fighters who had made these monthly battles their entire lives. He was not sure what to expect from this Nakari, but at least this match was set in the Caves of Vaskar, so no water to worry about. Unlike his last match, this one was set around midday but the location was much closer to his home in the Vale of Whispers. Late morning he set out for the caves, avoiding the camp full of followers and the competitors who liked to be in the spotlight that was set up just outside the cave entrance. It was dark inside, only fingers of light fighting through the small cracks in the rock overhead to give a weak attempt at light so he stood in the entrance for a moment to let his eyes adjust. The large central area of the cave was empty, with painted sticks laid across the openings that led deeper into the cave system to mark the arena for today’s battles. He could see some blood smeared on the cave floor among the dirt and moss from the day’s earlier battles, but all was quiet within right now.

Stepping further into the darkness now that his vision had adjusted, he paced slowly around the chamber to get a feel for the footing he would be dealing with. A few patches of moss concerned him, but he could also play them to his advantage if he could draw his opponent onto them since they made the footing slippery - it would be much easier to bring them down there. Most of the loose rubble that would normally litter the floor here had been swept to the edges of the cavern from the battles before his, so the main area was mostly free of hazards. Satisfied with his observations, he settled into the shadows at the far end of the chamber to wait for his opponent to show up. He couldn’t be sure how much time passed, with the low light in the cave and no way to see the position of the sun, but he didnt think it was long before the female he had been paired against today stepped into the pocket of sunlight in the cave entrance, blinking to adjust their vision to the darkness ahead of them. Odi rumbled a low growl as he eye’d them while they were still orienting themselves to the new lighting - small, this Nakari was definitely a dwarf. And she looked as though she had been struck by lightning recently, her coat was short and stuck out in all sorts of odd tufts and curls around her body. Maybe she just didn’t bother to groom herself? Deep red fur was frosted with white along her back, while her paws and nose were brushed with black. His lips drew back in a silent disgusted snarl - he hated facing dwarves. It was a much less entertaining fight when they were so small.

Nakari gave a start as she heard his growl rumble out of the shadows, and she squinted in his direction until she could see him only to give another start at the sight of him - standard build with huge antlers protruding from his skull, sharpened to points at every tip and stained with blood both fresh and old, and a pair of boar tusks strapped on either side of his muzzle that were also sharpened and stained, though showing more wear than his fresh antlers did. He was quite a sight, even when he was not snarling. Still, the small female stepped deeper into the cave and squared herself up, lowering her head and splaying her legs apart before giving him a nod that signaled she was ready to begin. Odium stepped forward out of the deepest shadows and crouched across from her, nodding in return and immediately slinking around in a circle to size her up. The small female stayed in place, keeping her rear paws planted while her front paws moved to keep her facing Odium as he went round and round her. So, very likely that she was new to the sparring matches if she was staying centered instead of moving with him. Deciding to test her, he growled and lunged forward just a step, causing her to snarl and stumble backwards. Good, get her moving. He moved from circling to stalk slowly towards her, teeth bared and a continuous growl rumbling from deep in his chest. She stepped back, and he pushed forward to keep her moving until they were nearly across the cave, along the edge where the rocks had all been swept during the earlier battles. He watched her feet intently as he drove her back, until she was among the rubble just a few feet from the cavern wall.

Letting his growl rise louder and louder from his chest, he lunged forward at her with his face to the floor, prongs from his antlers pointed towards the small female’s face as he rushed her. The little red varg scrambled to get out of the way, slipping and stumbling over the debris he had backed her into. It slowed her movement enough that he was able to rake his sharpened horns along her side, scoring angry red marks the whole way but only drawing two small beads of blood where they had first connected with her flesh. Nakari cried out in anger and pain as his blow connected and she jumped forward, rushing and staying low to the ground with her small size advantage to escape and spin to attack his now exposed rear. She reared up to her full height from her hind legs and raked her claws down his rump, leaving a rough red trail in their wake. Snarling, Odium spun around to face her again and lashed out with a clawed front paw, connecting hard with her shoulder and sending her stumbling sideways. His claws left a satisfying trail of blood where they had smacked her flesh, but the small female was quick to recover and gathered herself, pushing forward and up with all the strength of her back legs to lunge forward through the air and slam her full - if lesser - body weight against his own shoulder. Too late he realized he had stopped paying attention to where he was in the cavern, as she slammed into him and he felt his paws slipping, sliding, all balance leaving him. He had been standing on one of the patches of moss he had noted when he arrived, and lost his footing on the slick spot when Nakari smashed into him.

Odium went sprawling to the floor in a clatter of the bones on his headpiece rattling together while a tusk and antler bounced off the rocky floor roughly. The little red female landed lightly on his side and sank her teeth sharply into the scruff of his neck - he could feel blood beading there immediately after she released her hold and he snarled at the pain - before quickly releasing and darting away across the cavern. She put on a burst of speed, as much as she could muster, so she was all the way across the cavern before Odi had gathered himself and gotten to his paws once more. Again she splayed her legs out and put her belly and face low to the ground as she faced him from across the large space, and he narrowed his eyes as he too sunk into a stalking pose. Cautiously, slowly, he moved to circle her again. This time she mirrored his circling, and battle resumed once more. 

1577 WC

Official ImportSlayer Odium 1785
Tracker: Slayer Odium's Tracker
Competition: 1v1
Location: Vaskar
Opponent: Nakari 4052
Category: Open
Applicable Bonuses:
Greataxe - Chance to proc a +10 bonus score while participating in 1v1 competitions. (Does not stack with Spear of Might or Half Blade).
Moose - 10% chance to succeed in any 1v1 based competition.
Spooky Raccoon - Removes the ability for the Felvarg to sustain injuries when failing 1v1 encounters and provides a 10% chance to return a randomly rolled competition trait when failing any and all competitions. This companion comes with an import application possibility. 
Competitive - The thrill of competition runs deep through your veins. You gain 3% bonus in any and all competitions.
Iron Fist - Your thrill for the kill increases the chance you will succeed in any 1v1 competition by 5%.
Warmonger - Your ruthlessness and skill in the art of war grants you a 5% chance to succeed while participating in 1v1 interactions.
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