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Beloved slowed his pace before a sight like none ever seen before, tongue lolling from his mouth after the long jog from Melrakki Forest to the Vale of Whispers. He had been keeping pace with Alice as they ran, though it required a bit more work from him as her longer legs gave her a naturally longer pace, as they made their way to the Vale. He had been expecting a darkness over the vale, described by those who had seen it and brought reports to Hlif-Vindr, but no words could fully encompass the pure black wall that lay before him. Stretching far up into the sky, obscuring clouds and seeming to drink in the afternoon sunlight, the blackness was like the heaviest fog he had ever seen but instead of the misty grey it was a black more pure than even the darknest of nights could hold. It created a great wall that looked near solid before the pair, and tendrils floated out from it as if the mass were grasping towards the rest of the island, seeking to make it's way over all of Ulfrheim. Eyes wide and mouth agape, the dwarf male stood in stunned silence before the place where the Vale had been - who could say if it was even still there behind that dark, foreboding wall of unnatural black fog? Everything he could see on the edges of that darkness told him that he was in the right place - trees grew close to the road, thinning out to reveal open ground covered in lush grass and flowers just beginning to stir for the start of spring, but it all cut off so suddenly as the darkness took over. Turning after a moment to face his partner for this daunting task, Beloved looked to Alice with shock still filling his eyes. "This is nothing like I imagined it would be.... no wonder those who go in alone have been lost. What could cause such a thing?" He asked, setting the lantern he carried on the ground between his front paws gently. Could the light from their small lanterns even alleviate this darkness at all? He took a deep breath to settle his nerves, nosing through the leather satchel he carried slung around his neck. They could not go into this darkness without some sort of safety net, at least to keep them from getting separated. Drawing out a length of rope, he quickly tied large loops on either end, slipping his head through one and offering Alice the other.

At the very least, this would keep them from being separated if the darkness proved too much for the light they carried - better to be lost as a pair than lost alone, forever wandering in this land of shadow where no sunlight could find them. It was all he could think of at the moment to give them the best chance of a successful trip through the darkness. The satchel held plenty of oil, fresh wicks, and even some of their alchemical powders that gave the light its special colors their pack was known for, all provided in case they were lost for some time. When he had been nosing through the bag he had also discovered some hard tack and dried meats for emergency rations, and a few precious skeins of water. He prayed they would not need the supplies, but it put some of the small male's fears at ease for now. They HAD to find those lost within this magical darkness - it was the one true mission of Hlif-Vindr to help any in need, and Beloved was not about to let his pack down even when facing such an unnatural thing as this.


Alice came to a slow stop not far ahead of Beloved and starred in awe at what she could only imagine was the darkness. It was almost like a physical wall almost, the only thing giving away that it wasn’t solid was the fact that if you looked closely you could see it almost.. Moving. It swallowed everything around it, everything in it, from the trees to the flowers that called the vale home. No sound came from within, which sent a chill down Alice’s spine. Even this was a bit much for her naturally confident nature. This was not right. This was beyond anything she ever imagined happening in Ulfrheim. Beloved was beside her and out of the corner of her eye she could see him staring with as much bewilderment as herself. What could be behind this? Why is it here? Curiosity was the only thing that was going to fuel her to walk into that black abyss. Otherwise she wouldn’t have the bravery to enter.

Beloved spoke next to her and it took her a bit to pull her eyes away from the darkness. Slowly turning her head to face him, she tried to compose herself. She had to be brave for both of them.. No, all of the pack and all of Ulfrheim. The black spotted male was holding out a rope to her, looped and tied at the end. She followed the length of it to find that he had done the same to the other end, placing it around his neck. Brilliant, that way they won't get separated. “Great idea.” She muttered as she slipped her end over her head. She took a deep breath and looked back at the dark wall. “What's our game plan? Just go in?” She asked, not taking her eyes away. She hadn’t really thought about how they would go about this. Has anyone planned? How did they plan for something like… this? “I don’t really have a plan.. This is more than I expected but we must.. For Ulfrheim.” She said slowly, letting her words drag a bit, fighting back the fear rising in her throat.


Beloved nodded slightly in thanks as Alice complimented his idea with the rope - it wasn't perfect but it would at least help them as they attempted to traverse the place that had once been the Vale of Whispers. He could see she was just as rattled as he was by the sight of this... thing. Had any other pairs from the pack arrived here yet? Were they somewhere out there in the mass of blackness, swallowed into a world with no light? He couldn't imagine they had been the first to arrive, not after the speed with which most had paired up and moved away from the meeting earlier. "Well, I don't expect us to keep our sense of direction once we're in there... It almost seems to be devouring the sunlight. Best we can do is try and walk a straight line, until we reach a landmark, and choose straight lines away from those based on our knowledge of the Vale's layout. I.... I think there is a good chance we could still get lost, despite working as a pair. But it looks like those in the pack who took care of supplies packed each satchel with some food and water should we get truly lost. We'll be alright. After all, we aren't the only pair out here working to bring those lost back. Even if not us, someone has to succeed at finding the source of this curse and stopping it." Beloved spoke in a calm, even tone - almost too even. He was working hard to mask the terror he felt at facing this thing, but he didn't want either of them any more unsettled than they were. If one began to waver too much from fear it would cause them both to crumble in despair. This was the most daunting task he had seen the pack take on yet, and he felt even smaller than usual standing before the wall of light consuming darkness.

"I left some slack in the rope for freedom of movement, but do your best to keep close. I'll take the lead now." He offered, picking up his lantern once more and setting it alight. Holding it aloft he strode forward with a confidence he did not truly feel, towards the darkness and it's grasping tendrils. 
As the shadows slowly moved around him, swallowing him whole and dampening the light from his lantern until he almost felt there would be no difference had he not brought it, Beloved swallowed hard to choke down the terror. Fear was natural, especially when facing something so very unnatural. This task was necessary, they had to stop this before it spread or consumed more innocent lives. Hopefully they could also save those who had been lost within it so far, but that all relied on him leading the way with his small pocket of lantern light, taking one hesitant step at a time in the direction he hoped was straight into the depths of this horror. His paws brushed over the buds and petals of flowers just beginning to bloom for spring, already wilting as their sunlight, the source of their life, was choked off by the mysterious dark cloud swallowing their home. Silently as he walked on, he prayed the rope would be enough to keep Alice and him together. He knew she was unsettled by this too, but it gave him strength of will to have her with him as he set off, into the unknown darkness ahead.


The cream female nodded her head slowly as Beloved talked to her about the rope. It was about the rope, right? He said something about slack so most likely. Alice felt such a fool being so full of fear over actually entering the darkness. It was just darkness… Yeah the back side of her eyelids dark. She tried to remind herself that, that isn’t scary so this doesn’t have to be either. Yet she was scared. The fear welled up so that she couldn’t even speak to her partner. He was putting on a good show of confidence for them both and she was thankful for this because she wasn’t so sure she could hold it together. ‘Come on Alice.. This isn’t you!’ She mentally chastised herself. It was true though, this wasn’t her. Her confidence usually came in leaps and bounds. However she usually faced things she could see. Things she knew. She didn’t know what this place held. ‘The Vale of Whispers is what it holds.. And lost vargs..” She thought, looking down at the grass and occasional flower that peeked out at the edge of the black wall.

Beloved had started to move forward and the only reason Alice noticed was the slight tug on the rope as he stepped into the darkness. Once he had, he disappeared mostly and the panic rose higher. No! Not without her! Alice moved forward with a burst of quickness and stepped into the dark, ready or not. She followed the small glow of their lantern until she was standing next to her small partner. The air seemed thick.. Damp and heavy. Like those days you spend at the ocean when a storm was brewing. Or the spring nights when rains kept falling. That was only sort of like this though, as the air was heavy and still. The darkness went on and on, the lantern only giving off so much light. They couldn’t even see more than a step or two in front of them. “So straight forward?” She squeaked out finally.

Alice didn’t like it here. She wanted to turn around and run. A quick glance told her that even though she was sure she just came from “that way” she didn’t know which way she needed to go to leave even. The abyss had swallowed them up just like it had all the light, the trees and flowers, and the Vale itself. What was worse was the quiet. It was almost as if there was no sound at all, and that didn’t make sense at all. Weren't there still animals here? Surely others hadn’t run off too far yet, right? Alice turned back around to face the direction they were heading and looked off into the distance. Suddenly Alice’s eyes fixed on some sort of movement. Blue iris’ focused hard on the darkness ahead. “Did you see that?” She whispered to the male beside her, glancing out of the corner of her eye for a second to make sure he was still there. Was this a trick? Did she really see something? Someone perhaps? So many questions filled her head. Was it friendly, or should they be wary? Alice found herself frozen with fear, unable to move to find out.
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