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Fear of Rejection [PoC]

By Sylphier
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Prompt (The Beginning -or- Internal Instinct): Internal Instinct
Prompt ##7: It is important not to let your fears get the better of you, nor to ignore them and hope they go away. Depict your Felvarg facing and/or overcoming a fear that they struggle with.
Additional Extras: Bonus lit below, 690 WC - 


Her encounter with the small puppy the day before had set Ais’ emotions into turmoil. It had been so, so long since she’d seen another living soul other than Dez. She had lost most concept of time, out there alone, but she knew it had been unbearably long. So long she’d forgotten how good it might feel to have some company other than her horse. That puppy had roamed into the place she called home, and reminded her how much she longed for something more. The freshly reopened wound inside her, the longing for a pack, a home - it was too much. She had been toying with an idea now for some time, but fear of rejection and lack of motivation had kept her from moving on it. Things had now been set in motion, by that unexpected visit from another living soul on her morning walk with Dez. As she woke the following dawn, she began mustering determination to do what she had been wanting to for a long time now - she was going to approach that new pack that had moved in next to her lake, and she was going to find a place among them. She had of course laid out a plan with Dez the previous night, as they made their way home from the encounter with the puppy. He, unfortunately for both of them, would have to wait here while she went in alone at first. Horses were not terribly common in Ulfrheim, and Dez was a very large one and could very well turn the whole pack against them from fear of his size. It was also dangerous for him, since he would possibly smell like prey to the pack and she didn’t want anyone to try and eat him.

So now as dawn broke over the land, Dez and Ais said a brief farewell - he would go about their daily routine, walking the shores of Lake Skaro as they always did together, while she went to seek a place within the pack. This ensured that no matter the time of day, or even what day if she had to wait more than one to come back for him, she would be sure she knew where he was and could fetch him quickly. Swallowing the fear that kept rising inside her, Aislinn parted with her lifelong friend and turned east, towards the camp of Hlif-Vindr. She set a quick pace, but made sure to keep to the stands of pine as much as possible once she had left behind the fog that hung eternally over her lake. While none had seen her anywhere but through the mists of the lake, she wanted to ensure she controlled when she made her entrance today. She looked quite different from most vargs who lived nowadays, and could scare anyone she encountered maybe just from her strange coat color and glowing eyes.

Coming upon the edges of the clearing that was this pack’s current home, Ais stopped and watched them for a good while from the shadows of a large pine. She wanted to make sure she approached the Alpha, or at least a higher ranking pack member. Her observations led her to believe that the small dwarf who sat upon a large boulder was said Alpha, as she watched various others approach him respectfully, speak for a few moments, and set off towards some strange shelving units built on sledges. Waiting until the line to greet him was gone, and he sat alone atop the boulder, Aislinn broke from her hiding spot and set off at a run towards the dwarf male. Many startled sounds erupted from the pack members between where she had been and the place the Alpha sat - this drew his attention, and he leapt deftly from his high spot and stepped out to meet her with curiosity in his eyes. Aislinn slid to a stop before him, among the soft grass and many flowers of the meadow, and she dipped her head respectfully, tail tucked between her legs and breathing heavy as she waited, terrified, to see if he would run her off.


Featuring my Kaladin, the Lightseeker 2167 - this piece took roughly 6 hours, everything drawn by hand, no brushes used.
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