Exhaustion [Event]

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The group of four packmates had not had the best luck within the Vale of Whispers so far - they had set out originally as two separate pairs to search for any who had been lost when the darkness swept in, but once they had crossed paths everyone agreed that they should stick together from here on our. Beloved was in the lead, a length of rope looped around his neck and leading to his partner Alice where the other end looped around her own neck. At the center of the length between them was a knot where a second rope met theirs and trailed behind them to Minerva close on Beloved’s heels, and Ansger limping along determinedly next to her close behind Alice, each also sporting a looped end of rope that connected the group. With the darkness thicker than the most dense fog one had ever seen, pressing down on them until it was a physical feeling and stuffing their ears with the unnatural silence it brought, it had only made sense for them to string together like this - if anyone strayed away from the group it would alert the rest with a tug, and help them find their lost fellow before they too were swallowed up by the sweeping darkness.

The only sound that reached their ears as they walked was the soft uneven beat of Ansger’s paws as he limped along with the rest, his steps heavier and less precise from the leg injury that he was still recovering from. At least the soft sound of his steps helped ease the cottony feeling in their ears from the unnatural quiet where normally they would hear prey and birds, wind and other vargs. Today not even a lick of breeze stirred their pelts. Beloved was eager to be done with this search and get back to camp, but his pack, really the whole of Ulfrheim, depended on his group finding some of those lost within this Vale. Something about the darkness was not right, it seemed to sap life right out of them, draining the flowers that usually decorated the vale this time of year of their color and life until they wilted with petals trailing on the earth, though Beloved could swear they shifted some towards the light of his group’s lanterns as they moved through the foggy black. Alice had noticed it too, though they had come to a silent agreement not to mention it for fear of their companions worrying after their sanity. It wasn’t exactly normal to see flowers move to face a small flickering light source.

Minerva was running her eyes around to their right while Beloved led the party ever onward into the darkness. They had reached the line of trees marking the far end of the Vale earlier, and turned to walk at an angle from there to hopefully cover more ground. Ansger had his eyes locked on the wall of black to his right, ever silently watchful for any sign of life from that direction. As of yet, they had spotted nothing - not so much as a butterfly. Beloved had seen no sign of a trail to help them in their search as he watched the ground in front of them, and after the shadows that had turned out to be trees bordering the far side of the Vale Alice had spotted no signs of difference in the darkness ahead of them. Despite their determination, from the growling of their bellies and the soreness of their paws it was clear they had been searching for the majority of the day - it might even be night outside this void that had swallowed the Vale, for all they knew. It would be best if they tried to angle towards the road out now, work their way back and get a reasonable nights sleep in their own pack camp before returning tomorrow. All could agree that none would sleep if they had to rest here, and pushing too far past when they should would only lead them to make mistakes more easily.

As they walked on slowly, Beloved looked at Alice from the corner of his eyes. She met his gaze with her own sidelong look - both were concerned about their ability to escape this cursed place tonight, but they had to try. Ansger stumbled at that moment, his paw catching in a tangle of wild roses and he let out a soft curse, bumping into Minerva slightly as he tried to right his paws. Though the others were doing better at fighting their exhaustion, Ansger was showing now as his leg injury gave him trouble. It was time to get out - but they had to hope against hope that not only would they find their way out, but come across at least one varg who needed their help that they could save. One life saved was infinitely better than none, and who knew what tomorrow would bring with this darkness - would it spread out to more of the island, slowly consuming every inch of their home? Would it disappear, but take with it all those who had not found their way back into the light of day? They knew that Kaladin had sent teams to look into the cause, and find a solution, as well as teams like themselves to rescue any within, and all four prayed that those other teams would find the cause and destroy it, bring light back to this beautiful Vale.

Desperate to find some sign of life, Beloved pressed his nose close to the wilting flowers by his dwarven paws and sniffed at them - they didn’t even give off the perfume they normally would. Something was very wrong with this darkness, and they had to overcome it. He wanted nothing more than to pick up his pace and jog until he found the outside world once more, but one glance back at the exhausted pair behind him, Ansger with his limp and Minerva carrying her lantern a bit closer to the ground than she normally would, as if it weighed her down. Next he looked over Alice at his side - she was looking less worn down than their two companions, though she did walk tenderly as if the pads of her paws were raw from their extended journey. “Stay strong… we can do this.” He said, meeting each companion’s eyes in turn before he went back to focusing on the path ahead of them. Maybe, even if they couldn’t find any of the lost, just maybe they could find the trail that they had left on their way in and follow it out. And so the party trudged on.
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Event piece for myself, Inkasaurus-Rex , and magneticknives - featuring CharmysARPG Elder Minerva 1725 for EXP.

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