Darkness and Light [1v1]

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Veil felt that she was failing at the very job she had dedicated her life to. She had chosen even when she was a little pup to push herself physically, to make herself one of the best fighters on the island and show all those who had doubted her just how wrong they were. She was small and feminine but that would not stop her from being a fighter to be reckoned with - and yet here she was, trudging towards her first match in months. She wasn’t sure why lately she just had not felt the fire, the drive, to get in the rings and bring down an opponent but over the winter she held little desire to preen for the crowds as she destroyed another fighter. This month she had forced herself out of hiding, and gone to sign up for the monthly matches - once her name was on the list, there was no backing out. So she had gone, and after a few days the courier had arrived with the date, location, and opponent information for her match. Of course the month when she had decided to force herself into a comeback, Ulfr would assign a location where spectators would not follow at this time of year - Laky Lysa, damp and icy with little to welcome anyone that wasn’t planning to keep constant movement to avoid a chill. A disappointment, but likely also a bit of a saving grace since while she had kept up with her training, she had not faced a true opponent in months and Veil knew she was not at the top of her game anymore - the less spectators to see that, the better.

She made her way towards the Lake as the sun crept up through the sky, offering light but no warmth as her paws met the frozen ground and snow drifted across her path from the untouched fields beside the road. As expected when she arrived, there was not a soul to be found on the cold shores. There was always something to note the location that combatants were supposed to face off at, and her eyes sought the temporary posts and ropes that would mark off a battlefield for the day. Slowly she paced along the sands, looking for any sign of where she was to meet her opponent - damp sand squished between her paw pads, mixing with snow and frozen dirt to create and uncomfortable lump. Grumbling to herself, Veil stared around intently - it had to be somewhere here. A pop of color from the corner of her eye caught her attention, and Veil spun to see that it was in fact what she had been seeking, the colored rope shifting slightly in the breeze just at the edge of the water. Of course, Ulfr wanted them to dip their paws into the icy lake while they fought. Wonderful.

Well, it was obvious this was where she was supposed to go but the arena was yet empty, so she had clearly made it here before her opponent. Thankful, she stepped over the rope and took up a place on the driest end of the arena as she waited for her opponent to appear. Valora was who had been matched with her, and while she knew the name and that the other female was a regular within the matches, she also knew the female didn’t have much innate skill and seemed quick to temper. An easy enough exploit for Veil to use in their battle, letting ones temper get away with them usually led to mistakes being made. She went over various strategies in her mind, all the while eyes roaming over the horizon to watch for the appearance of the other female. Long moments ticked away and Veil was beginning to wonder if her opponent was having as much trouble finding the arena along the shore as she had, when she finally heard pawsteps coming from behind her, and spun around to see Valora approaching from the woods behind her. The pale female stepped into the roped off arena without looking at Veil to acknowledge her, squishing through the soft sand to a place opposite where Veil stood.

Veil smirked at the larger female as Valora composed herself in the damp sparring ring. Veil set her paws carefully to await the other female’s go ahead, and nodded her head sharply to indicate she was ready, not bothering with words. Today, here in this arena, claws and teeth were all that mattered. After a pause as Val put herself into position as well, and nodded slowly to signal she was ready. Without wasting any moments, Veil slunk forward and sideways to begin circling her opponent, and Val moved to mirror her. The two females, dark and light, circled each other slowly through the icy sand and water as they sized each other up. Valora’s expression was set in stone harsher than any of the ice that still clung to the shallows in some places, while Veil locked her expression on the lighter female’s feet to seek out any cues that the other might give before launching an attack. Long moments passed in silence like this with the only sound that of the padding of their paws through the sand.

After what seemed an age to Veil, Valora finally gave up hope of the smaller female making the first move and lunged forward, jaws open wide as she went straight for Veil’s face. She had given a split second warning, front paws twitching off the ground before her hind legs propelled her forward and Veil did her best to use that single moment to dodge out of the way, slipping sideways as she felt the lighter females hot breath on her ear just before jaws closed in the thick fur of her ruff, locking together just shy of Veil’s flesh. Too close for comfort, but she had managed to dodge enough to avoid letting the bigger female draw first blood. Quickly Veil spun, tearing some hair free of her hide as she twisted out of the other female’s grip and kicking out with her hind feet almost like a horse to shove her opponent back as she pushed a safe distance away. She felt her rear paws connect with the solid flesh of Valora’s chest though it did little more than push the other female back, leaving maybe a bruise under her fur but no visible wound. Still, it bought Veil a moment and she bounded out of reach, spinning around once she was far around away to collect herself and baring her fangs with a lowered head. Veil might be rusty but she would not go down today without a fight, and still she pushed herself to take the win. Staring the larger female in the eye, Veil steadied her breathing and waited until Valora was moving to take up circling once more before she did as her opponent had only a few moments before, shoving herself forward with the power of her hind legs and leaping towards Valora with a snarl.

As Veil flew in a rush at her opponent, Valora tried to dodge and moved backwards in a quick step, pushing herself out of reach of Veil’s fangs but not backing far enough to be out of range of her paws as Veil stretched out, extending her paw and slashing towards the pale female’s face. Her paw connected with a small meaty ‘thwack’ and she scraped her claws down Valora’s muzzle. Catching herself now as she connected with the ground once more, she took the momentum of her leap and rushed on past Val in quick long strides. The lighter female spun with her, snapping forward with her jaws but only managing to graze her teeth along Veil’s flack in a raw scrape without catching enough flesh to hold onto. Once Veil was safely out of reach once more, she spun to face Val as well and instead of pausing to catch her breath and collect herself, she immediately slung her body low to the ground and began stalking around Val from a safe distance. As the other female moved to mirror her circling, Veil was pleased to note that the famous temper behind this stony face was lighting up behind the pale eyes that watched her now. Good, bring out that raw temper and use it to overcome Valora - her plan was starting to work. There was much to do yet before she could bring herself to victory though, and so after a round of circling Veil threw herself forward into her next attack, and the battle resumed with both females determined to come out on top.

WC - 1,450

Official ImportVeil, the Gladiator 2300
Tracker: Veil, the Gladiator's Tracker
Competition: 1v1
Location: Lake Lysa
Opponent: Valora 189
Category: Dreg
Preemptive Heal: N/A
Applicable Bonuses
Spooky Raccoon - Removes the ability for the Felvarg to sustain injuries when failing 1v1 encounters and provides a 10% chance to return a randomly rolled competition trait when failing any and all competitions. This companion comes with an import application possibility. 
Iron Fist - Your thrill for the kill increases the chance you will succeed in any 1v1 competition by 5%.
Warmonger - Your ruthlessness and skill in the art of war grants you a 5% chance to succeed while participating in 1v1 interactions.
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