Blackness Bearing Down [Event] [RP]

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Beloved felt like they had been within the darkness for hours, days even. He was sure it had only been moments and yet the total suppression of light, sound, or even the wind pressed down on him roughly. He had been vaguely aware of his partner Alice rushing after him when he entered the darkness, but the pure stillness of everything settled on him as she joined him, barely visible at the edge of his little light bubble within the never ending blackness. His ears twitched in discomfort as he walked along, half a step ahead of Alice as he used his lantern to give them what little light on their path as it could manage. Time stood still, no birds chirped and no breeze ruffled his pelt as he walked on in what he could only hope was a straight line deeper into the vale. He had been hoping his other senses might lend some help within this magical darkness, when they had first set out, but now he knew that for folly. The darkness didn't just consume light, it swallowed everything from sounds to air to even his sense of time. He was not sure how long he had been tromping along - if it was truly the minutes he believed, or if hours passed as it felt, when suddenly the line that tied him and Alice together by loose loops over each of their necks went taught. He gasped in alarm, only having a vague memory of Alice whispering something to him before she froze in her path though he could not remember the words. The pure unnatural stillness of it all had blinded all of him, and he immediately felt shame as he stopped, backing up carefully one small step at a time until his small pocket of light brushed over his female search partner's cream pelt, her form frozen mid-step almost through a swath of tulips that were barely unfurled. Sighing in relief, he edged closer to her so he could try to get a look at her face. She was staring off into the depths of the blackness around them, a look of fear on her face. "What is it?" He asked, keeping his voice low but still having to pitch it louder than he would prefer so the shadows didn't swallow his words too.

He turned his eyes to squint in the direction she stared - clearly Alice could see through this at least somewhat better than he, because it took him a long moment until the figure of a fel formed from the shadows before his eyes. She seemed to create her own light as she approached through the unnatural shadows, clearly heading straight for them as she stepped calmly, slowly through the grass and patches of  poppies, sunflowers, and tulips. He had heard other pack members talk of her enough to know who this was. "Freyja..." He breathed out, not intending the words for Alice but simply saying them aloud as he questioned his own awareness - did the black fog's magic do something to your mind too? But no, the great alpha female of the island continued towards them until she was up against their little bubble of light. Her eyes were troubled, though her posture was confident and assuring. "Brave souls, you have entered this cursed darkness to seek those who are lost?" She asked, looking from one to the other. Beloved could only nod dumbly in response, but the great female still smiled at him. "There is yet hope, then. Many important to our dear island are lost within this Vale. Seek them out, and bring them back safely to the light once more. All of Ulfrheim depends on you now." She said. "You have even freed me, though your senses are suppressed within, mine hold out a little stronger and I can follow your path out. Stay strong, you must prevail." And with that, she swept around them and was swallowed by the darkness before Beloved could even form any reply. 'Well great, as if the pressure wasn't bad enough...' he thought to himself, glancing to Alice to catch her reaction.


The tug on the line barely even moved Alice’s attention from the distance. She was sure at this point she had seen something, but what? Fear was eating her soul bit by bit as she stood there, in the ever darkening Vale. Was it getting darker? Dim light filled her space again as Beloved made his way back to her, though she hadn’t even noticed him leave. It was like time was slower here. Like her senses couldn’t make sense of how things were shifting in time. Fear was still gripping her when the smaller male looked in the direction her gaze was frozen. There in the distance a shape was becoming more and more apparent through the wilting spring greenery. It was as if light surrounded it, even though dimly. Like the darkness was trying to swallow her as well. As soon as Beloved had breathed her name, Alice knew too, it was Freyja. Alice could barely breathe at this point.

She had never been face to face with someone so powerful and if even Freyja was lost in the darkness.. Were they all doomed? It was as if the color drained from her face, her nose paler. Her eyes glazing over all while the great female spoke to them. It was up to them. They had to save the others. What about everyone else? Had they not met Freyja too?! Was it really up to them. Oh no.. Alice wasn’t sure she was ready for this kind of pressure. For all the confidence she usually had the female was young and hadn’t even really been on her own for terribly long, let alone done anything great. What were they going to do? How could they find the others and lead them back? Freyja had stated that she was capable of finding their path back, because she is stronger, what of the others then? They wouldn’t be as strong as her. Suddenly, Alice sure hoped that Beloved at a lot more rope..

Freyja disappeared once more into the darkness, her glow giving brief faint glimpses of more struggling flowers that had been called to life by the coming warmth of spring only to be swallowed by this never ending night before they too faded into the darkness with the great goddess, and Alice stood staring into nothing again. Hair on end she felt eyes on her and looked at her partner for the first time since he had joined her side again. She could tell he was searching her face for something, though she wasn’t sure what. Right now her body felt cold and her fur damp. Maybe that was an illusion, she couldn’t be sure. “Well that was something” She finally choked out, trying to lighten the mood and feeling like she failed miserably. “I guess we just keep going until we find someone.” She tried to smile but it wouldn’t come. The fear had filled her to the brim.


Beloved met Alice's eyes as she choked out a small response, fear clear both in her eyes and voice. So, she felt this too - both the pressure of the blackness around them, and that of Freyja's words. Was it really all resting on their shoulders? Who else was lost within this blanket of magical darkness, being slowly smothered under the oppressive black like so many of the young flowers that fought for life around their paws? Beloved set his jaw firmly and forced himself to think through his terror - he had been through bad times before, and just because the darkness had no solid physical form other than the floating fog that seemed to slowly sap away his senses, it couldn't be much worse than what he had endured in his childhood, suffering at the paws, claws, and even teeth of an adopted older brother who hated him. He would not let despair win this day, and he would not let Freyja or his pack down! "Yes, we just keep going. We will find them... and lead them back, somehow. I don't know how yet, but we will. Stay strong with me Alice." Beloved, usually so timid and unsure of himself, comfortable only when among his herd of goats, spoke in a tone of confidence he was actually truly starting to feel. If Freyja said they could do this, then he would do it. He would worry about the technicalities later, like how in the world they would lead back those they found when they were not even sure they could get themselves back out. Giving Alice one more look, urging her silently to be strong and trust him, trust the future Freyja saw before them, he started his slow walk forward through the utter blackness once more. Trying his best to keep a slow pace that Alice could comfortably manage if she needed to fight down her fears more, he kept his eyes on the small circle of ground in front of his paws that the lantern managed to light up. It was not enough to be confident for more than a step, two at best, but if he took his time and made sure to watch what was directly ahead he could avoid any major mistakes. Something within him made him step delicately around the dying flowers when ever he could, feeling a sadness and pity within him for the life they had begun in sunlight and warmth was now nothing but darkness and despair slowly eating away their hope. He would not let vargs suffer as these flowers did, drowning in a darkness one could almost feel in their very soul... but how was he to figure out how to find the remaining vargs lost within this vale?


Alice nodded her head with as much confidence as she could muster for the sake of them both. She had to fight back some of this fear, Beloved clearly was. She swallowed the lump in her throat and slowly, one paw after the other, followed as close to Beloved as she could. Had she fallen back even slightly she would lose him in the darkness and even though the rope held them together, she wasn’t sure she could handle that. One step. Two steps. Three steps.. They went deeper into the dark. Suddenly Alice felt something between her toes. The soft petals of flowers folded beneath each step and she gasped a bit. She had forgotten for a moment what the Vale of Whispers actually looked like. The flowers here were usually beautiful but now they looked wrong. She couldn’t place what was wrong, but they were wrong. “Beloved… do.. Do you see the flowers? They look wrong. What is wrong with them?” She asked him quietly, as if someone would be watching them and jump out at any minute. That is what they wanted though right? To find others. She wasn’t so sure how she felt about who they would find though. What if this darkness was doing something to others? It was certainly skewing their perspectives, so what could it be doing to others? What if the others lost here were going crazy? She shook the thought away the best she could and kept walking. “We have to keep moving..” She said with as much confidence as she could muster. If Beloved could be confident, so could she. They would continue until they found someone. Freyja was counting on them to find others and bring them to safety. If it was the last thing the pair did, they would do it for the honor of their pack and hopefully along the way, they could team up with others to find a way to stop this.
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