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PR: Coranthi App

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Name: Coranthi
Species: Litleo
Type: Fire/Normal
Special Traits: -
Hatch Date: 7/12/2015

Height : 2'06"
Weight: 32.6 lb
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Ability: Unnerve

Owner: Cinna
Personality: This little fireball has a heart of gold and the spirit of a warrior. She has blue eyes like her father, and long socks on her front legs. One little dark brown spot is above her eye!
Coranthi is indeed a spirited Litleo, walking and talking proud.  She and Cinna bonded almost immediately, and...once she conquers her fear of water, will be a powerful force.  Admires her father.

Level: 29
HP: 45
Attack: 57
Defense: 39
Special Attack: 63
Special Defense: 36
Speed: 30

Move List:
Fire Fang

Teach Me!:
Anything a Litleo can learn!

Breeding Status: Open

Lifemate: N/A

Mother | Father


Experience Log:
PR: Celestial/Eternal Litter II - 4 levels, 11 HP, 5 Attack, 8 Sp. Attack
This reference! -4 levels, 8 HP, 3 Attack, 4 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 3 Speed
PR: A Simple Wagon Ride... (Newbie Quest 6) - 20 levels,  12 HP, 28 Attack, 16 Defense, 27 Sp. Attack, 10 Sp. Defense, 9 Speed

Stats Claim: Full body, Color, Shaded
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading

Coranthi gained 8 HP, 3 Attack, 4 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 3 Speed.
Coranthi has earned 22 stat points! Coranthi gained 4 level!

Trainer earned 38 Trinities.

You gained a Wish Tag!