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Squishy Bunny

By Sylnoss
:giggle: I just got this one this morning on my way to work.
Used my nokia 3220 cam phone to take the pic. so it's not the best quality.
I just get very giggly looking at this.
I guess I'm a disturbed person by that .. don't know,
enjoy lol. :giggle:
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Great find! Pretty good photo too, considering it was taken with a cell. Reminds me of that supposed face on the surface of Mars.
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yeah, love that one.
I should see if it's still there since it's by my work, though it's probably covered by ice and snow by now.

surface of mars lol, could play with the colors in photo shop and make it look like that. would be amusing.
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Here's the Wikipedia page about the face:


You could insert the feet of a spacecraft in the corner of the image... :D
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hey, that's great.
and the quality is good, man!
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:giggle: yeah, but I'm always going to be my own worst critique.

thanks though :D