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Am I Going Insane?

- Am I going insane?..

- No, you’re perfectly fine…

Tumblr post - [link]
Woooow, guys, the amount of the feedback on this one is just overflowing! Glad you like the work so much! Luv you, guys *-*
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hahah I love the writing.. fits great.. Great work!
Nykeos's avatar
Simply perfect! I love it so much!
xxinfinite-firexx's avatar
oh my god this is brilliant! I love the colors you used it gives off this perfect dark, omnious vibe. its great! 
byToxi's avatar
Oh my God... This is an excellent job!!
karaartist's avatar
beautiful style
wasfight17's avatar
Yes will you are. But the good kind of insane that fight monster.
psychomindset's avatar
amazing how you captured wills features, amazing work! 
Hannigram4Life's avatar
FictionistSimone's avatar
Your colouring is amazing, I love the style of this. 
sleepyhead12567's avatar
This is magnificent! The lighting & coloring is fantastic! Love that smile
MomotsukiNezumi's avatar
I'm very much enjoying Will;s facial expression here, it looks almost like a sort of pained, demented smirk...
SecretUchihaLover's avatar
this is perfectyes 
amazing detailChiyo Excited Icon 
love the crazy expression on will's face btwPervy Blaze 
Daniclaws's avatar
The emotion captured in this is great
The smile makes this interesting.
Shikyo-Koinu's avatar
This is gorgeous! <3
harrylee94's avatar
Can't help but shudder at this image.
That smile... It holds more than a little feeling of lost hope.
I think I'm glad you have those hands there. As beautiful as his eyes are, I don't think I'd be able to see him in them. Makes me feel like the hands are the things forcing him into such a state.

Fantastic composition (yay! Fancy words!)! I would say you hit the nail dead on for a feeling of growing insanity and hopelessness! Love it!
Syllirium's avatar
Guuuuurl, I can't even... I don't know what to answer you with anymore - these 'thankyous' seem so dry and hollow comparing to your amazing comments... But I'm still gonna say THANK YOU for noticing and pointing out every single thing I wanted to be understood *sending her the warmth of her heart and soul* Heart 
InFAKtedMAshRUm's avatar
awesome my favorite!
Syllirium's avatar
Oh, my! Thank you :blush:
QueenAnime99's avatar
Very beautiful. Captures the character well. 
Syllirium's avatar
Glad to hear! Thank you :love:
InSchadenfreude's avatar
this is amazing! and somehow incredibly sexy (づ◕ω◕)づ
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