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A brief history of an Y'kel, in her own words
I am Indari, last of the Yan. This is my story.
Two years ago, my people - the Y'kel Sovereignty - were negotiating with a group of Romulan rebels seeking to overthrow the Imperial government; I was sent as the envoy. While we have a long, animous history with the Empire, their strategic situation was too tenuous for us to risk supporting them. It was there that a Yiridian courier was sent to me with a peculiar message; he said my homeworld - Khi'ya - had been "taken by demons." He could not elaborate further. I dismissed it, and returned home - only to find the entire Yn'del star system had vanished, and our colonies were left abandoned, as though the people had simply been swept away. All I found besides was our ruined flagship and a small cruiser with a skeleton crew I had served with years before. This ship I took as my own.
One fateful day, my ship - the YSV Soulstar - found its way to the Virinat colony, where I intended to barter for components to repair her. Before we could dep
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Herc's Chocolate Bar by SylkRode Herc's Chocolate Bar :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 9 0 Clean Slate by SylkRode Clean Slate :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 12 1 USS Saratoga by SylkRode USS Saratoga :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 21 3
Star Trek: Original Species Profile: Y'kel
Note; Despite being set in the Star Trek Online timeline, the background here is based upon the more traditional interpretation of the layout of quadrants in the Milky Way; the Federation is firmly situated in the center of the Alpha Quadrant, while the Romulan and Klingon Empires both have distant holdings just within the Beta Quadrant.
The Y'kel (ee-kel) originate from Khi'ya (ki-ah), second planet in the Yn'del (een-del) system, deep within the Beta Quadrant. Because of their location, The Y'kel Sovereignty has had little contact with the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, although they have had several encounters with the Romulan Star Empire over the last 250 years, including a brief cold war of sorts some 175 years ago. The Y'kel are a major force within the greater Beta Quadrant. They were an expansionist imperial power for a time, and went through many wars with their various neighbors. 87 years ago war broke out between the Y'kel Sovereignty
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Crumbs in Technicolor by SylkRode Crumbs in Technicolor :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 1 0 Giddy Crumbs by SylkRode Giddy Crumbs :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 3 0 Home, Sweet Technicolor by SylkRode Home, Sweet Technicolor :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 1 0 Technicolor Cyberbullying by SylkRode Technicolor Cyberbullying :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 1 0 Daelaam Regalia Custom Shape by SylkRode Daelaam Regalia Custom Shape :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 1 0 Colin's Revenge by SylkRode Colin's Revenge :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 6 1 Bring Back my Girl by SylkRode Bring Back my Girl :iconsylkrode:SylkRode 5 1
StarCraft OC Profile - Lille
Lillian Charlotte Spencer -- Agent X42081R
Date of birth July 16, 2488 - New Babylon, Cruxas III
Straight, short black hair ( -; bright "radiant" green eyes; build small, compact and stocky; 5'7" natural; 6'2" with digit-grade limbs
powerful telepath; drafted into Confederate Ghost program in 2495; completed training in Dominion; always defiant – neural reconditioning had little apparent effect – handlers resorted to psychological conditioning instead – received forcible cybernetic augmentation as torture - dominate left arm, legs amputated and replaced – while she was conscious -legs initially replaced with digit-grade limbs ( -, intended to traumatize her by disrupting her physical sense of humanity - then more anatomically correct prostheses when she became more cooperative; still keeps the digit-grade legs, as they offer her more speed and other performance enhance
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Star Trek Online character profile - Sema
Sema [see-mah] Lessari
Speces - Romulan
Fourteen years old (Earth)
Father - Maryk [mar-ick] Lessari (deceased); aunt - Lady Ahllellh Lessari
Place of Birth; Virinat colony
Strong, independent, innocent, graceful; willful, but not disrespectful / irresponsible - strong character who stands up for herself; admired, adored by fellow colonists; father Maryk abducted by Elachi during attack - recovered in raid on Elachi subspace base in "Devil's Choice," but too far gone, died; Ahllellh never told her, as she could not handle her brother's death herself; Ahllellh swore to Maryk she would protect and take care of her; "I will keep her safe -- I promise, on all we have lost, unto my life, I swear it."
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Tango is a style of desktop icon, first invented for Linux, but it has come to be adapted for various operating systems. They are rendered in vector format, and, as such, scale especially well. While there are thousands of Tango icons out there, there are still a few I'm looking for that I'd like to see.

I prefer to see separate icons for 16 and 32 pixel formats, as the scaling of the borders tends not to render the lines as well, and getting well defined borders is quite desirable for those two formats so they look good in lists and on the Windows Superbar.

This list will be added to on an ongoing basis, and items will be checked off if and when an icon is created.

• Windows 7 Explorer
• Windows PowerShell
• Windows .REG filetype