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Arboriah : seconde graine by sylesis, literature

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Arboriah : seconde graine by sylesis, literature


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Favourite Visual Artist
Too many to list. Really...
Favourite Movies
Blade Runner, Summer Wars, Porco Rosso, Ghost in The Shell,The Fox and The Child, John Wick
Favourite TV Shows
Cowboy Bebop, Macross Frontier. Not like I watch TV anyway.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Vangelis, Jarre, Mike Odfield, Yoko Kanno
Favourite Books
The Witcher Saga (I fell in love with it before the videogames!), The Wheel of Time, anything from the authors just below
Favourite Writers
Jack Vance, Robert Jordan, David Gemmel, Alain Damasio, William Gibson, and many others
Favourite Games
Planescape Torments, Deus Ex games ( Invisible Wars doesn't exist !), Xenoblade 1&2, Fire Emblem games, and recently Dark Souls and Animal Crossing ( what ?)
Favourite Gaming Platform
I play : PC, Nintendo portables ( Switch, nowadays), Megadrive/Genesis. I love : the previously mentionned + all those in my collection.
Tools of the Trade
Pentax K-X, Twindows.jar, Triban Trail 7, Army Painter Precise Detail brush, and my soldering iron ( jack of all trades, ma'am)
Other Interests
Staring in awe at photo/videos of foxes and cats, reading way more english stuff than my native language ( France), buying for my videogames collection, painting miniatures, maintaining and riding my Triban Trail 7
Sweet Elvis do I hate those fake favs : you think someone has finally noticed and appreciated the work you've put your heart on, then the wall of reality hits you. No, it was just so you'd go check the bot's page and be lured to one of the pits of Internet. "Hey looky looky : a fav ! Who's happy to finally to have one ? Oh yes, that's you my cutie ! Now go check my page and make me get money, bitch !" And some people wonder why I don't post photos as often as I used to...
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2015 review

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I don't usually do that, but 2015 calls for it : _ I've discovered how love could change you. It's a drug, but the best kind : it changed me in a way I barely recognise myself from before. _ I'm going regularly to the swimming pool : there's one that opened near that doesn't use chlorine and has a pool with waterjets : it feels so good even when you leave tired. I try to go at least once a week and the result is a visible muscle-mass increase : I have to change a replace a large number of my pants that were still pretty comfortable 6 months ago. _ I've found a job : my first, at 35. It's not just the money increase, and the fact of knowing
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Well two actually : I work part time in two schools (next to each others, fortunately), as a technician/admin. Basically if something needs to be done with computers, my phone rings. The jobs themselves are great : various different situations, contacts with people, and the feeling to actually be useful by fixing and teaching stuff to the users. Oh, and the feeling I could reign as the local BOFH given I have access to almost every room and account... And the money, of course. And let's not forget the very friendly cat living near one of the schools, such a lovely black lady : her purrs are gold to my ears. The only bad side is that it can
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Thanks for the watch and the faves! Glad you like my gallery

You're welcome ! The world you've woven is very interesting :) .

Thank you for the fav :love:

I see that you like animals and fantasy, consider seeing my other work? I think you will like it

Flameheart's Resurgence: The Phoenix's Awakening

If you like, consider watching to see future work and support my work 😊

Thanks for the watch & some sweet minis there

Hey there! How's it going? I wanted to thank you for the watch! I really appreciate your support and hopefully you'll enjoy my future works :D

Have a great day and stay safe!

Thank you for the fave :heart: