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Hello all, as you know, as major thanks for 300 Watchers, I'm running a giveaway!
There are now TWO prizes, one each for two winners!

The First prize will be for one chibi/ beanie plush commission, it can be a Pokémon, Digimon, My Little Pony, or other character as long as you can provide references.

:bulletblue: This can be a standing chibi plush, or a floppy 'beanie' style of up to 8 inches long/tall.***

:bulletblue: I will consider OCs*

:bulletblue: I will not do any accessories**

 :bulletblue: usual rules apply of not accepting anything pornographic or offensive.

:bulletblue: I will pay for standard postage to yourself. I would love to pay for insured and tracked shipping to other countries but I'm afraid I'm strapped for cash. If you wish to have a special delivery service, we can discuss splitting the bill. Otherwise it's completely free!

:bulletblue:You don't have to decide immediately, as long as you acknowledge the note I send out to the winner, I can keep your prize space until you decide.

:bulletblue: It doesn't have to be for you! The commission space can be passed to a friend, or as a present.

*I reserve the right to turn down any characters that are either out of my skill level, or not suitable designs to turn into chibi plush, for example complicated gradients, layers of clothing, removable pieces etc

**I may consider accessories for a simple design, for example socks and a fancy hat for Applejack or a collar for an Umbreon :)

***No substitutes, I'm afraid. The prize is a chibi plush commission, and that's all I can offer. I cannot offer a drawing or regular plush or any other sort of prize.

The Second Prize is this sleeping Lion beanie!
<da:thumb id="566190767"/>

:bulletblue: He is 5 inches from toes to bum!
:bulletblue: He has embroidered face and pawpads
:bulletblue: He doesn't have to be for you! You may nominate a friend to receive this gift! (the winner of this prize must be willing to provide a shipping address!)

All entries made prior to this update will count towards the draw for both prizes!

To Enter:

Simply add this journal to your favourites for one entry in the giveaway!

:bulletblue: If you'd like a second entry, copy this journal to your own, and comment to let me know, or tag me in it so that I get a notification of your entry.
It must be this original journal added to your favourites. If you +fave a reposted journal it won't count! (partly because I can't go checking all the reposts)

:bulletblue: You don't have to follow me (though I'd love it if you did)

:bulletblue: If you win, you must be willing to give me your name and address to ship your prize to. It will remain confidential like any other commission.

The giveaway will end on October 31st, 2015!

The giveaway is now closed, thanks for looking!

I will add all entrants' usernames to a numbered list (confidential that will be deleted afterwards I promise) and use a random number generator to pick a number. The entrant with the matching number will win!

:bulletblue: Internet connection permitting I will draw a winner within 24 hours of the giveaway's closing.

:bulletblue: I will announce the winner on a journal and send you a note  letting you know you won! Please answer this note within 72 hours or you'll forfeit your place and I will draw another number.

Good luck and thanks for reading!!!! :D

© 2015 - 2021 SylenisCrafts
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There was a new journal made where the winners were announced. The lion has been received by the second place winner, and the 1st place commission slot is underway :)
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oh alright I must have missed it
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Congrats to the winners :heart:
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Thanks for entering! good luck! :thumbsup:
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SylenisCrafts's avatar
Yes of course! Your entries have been added, best of luck to you! :floating:
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Already faved and here's my journal! fav.me/d9bjgp7
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Thanks for entering! Good luck! :heart:
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Thanks for entering! Good luck! :thumbsup:
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Hi, I made a journal entry! Please count me in :) <3

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Thanks for entering! Best of luck! :heart:
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Yay! Thanks for entering! Best of luck! :heart:
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omg already entered but im excited : D
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Yay! Can't wait to find out the winner! :D
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Thanks for your entries! Best of luck! :floating:
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I featured you (and faved of course) fav.me/d9dnn5g
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Thank you! Your entries are in, good luck! :heart:
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Favorited and shared!

Journal: FeatherStitched is Holding a Giveaway!

Thank you for the opportunity :).
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