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April 16, 2017
Squirtle Chibi Plush by FeatherStitched
Featured by pinkythepink
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Squirtle Chibi Plush

This cutie is finally here!

He is a commission for a very dear friend of mine.

He is INCREDIBLY cute and smol and fat and I love him. Squirtle was my first Pokémon so it was fun to make him.

I covered the making of over on my Patreon, and I'll be making a Wartortle and Blastoise, and later putting the pattern for this body shape out.
Please consider supporting my Patreon and getting access to 500+ Behind the scenes posts, tutorials and videos related to sewing, crafting and plushing!

Edit: A Daily Deviation??? Wow my first! Thank you!!

Squirtle Family by FeatherStitched

Squirtle Chibi Plush by FeatherStitched  Wartortle Chibi Plush by FeatherStitched  Blastoise by FeatherStitched  Cannon Details by FeatherStitched

Based on the Sitting Beanie Pattern which you can get here!

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Kiittechan's avatar
That's so cuteeee!! <3
Amazing job!
Kiittechan's avatar
You're very welcome >u<
frickitsmelia's avatar
this is so adorable! i'm not that big of a pokemon fan, but this is just super cute!
SylenisCrafts's avatar
Thank you! It's kind of you to say so :)
dewinthesky's avatar
awww, this is so cute! :D
dewinthesky's avatar
CaseyDecker's avatar
This plush you've made of Squirtle looks very nice and cute, and it happens to be my most favorite starter Pokémon of Generation 1 as well. :D
SylenisCrafts's avatar
Thank you, Squirtle was mine too! I was about 7 years old, and I called him Bubbles :D
CaseyDecker's avatar
You're welcome, and that's very nice to know as well. :D
ScorchedDragonStudio's avatar
I plan on trying my hand at plush making. Just got a sewing machine, any advice for beginners?
SylenisCrafts's avatar
Lots of practice, and study nets- how to create 3D shapes out of 2D patterns!
Laura637's avatar
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
Adorable! Looks super soft and snuggly. :aww: Amazing work, he looks almost official!
Grace-Zed's avatar
Aww. This is so cute! :meow:

Congrats on the DD~!!! :clap:
SylenisCrafts's avatar
Thank you! This comment was the first I knew of it, haha :D
ToaDJacara's avatar
Awwwwwww so cute! I wanna hug it!
SylenisCrafts's avatar
Thanks! He's very huggable!
B3N13's avatar
StaceyWagner's avatar
Woooah! *-* Kawaiiii!
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