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speedpaint #40

By Sylar113
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This simply looks astonishing to me. Truly amazing. Awesome job and keep it up with the great work!
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beautiful <3
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I Love Your Painting Very Much So I Use Your Painting For My Music Lyrics Video Background. Link To Your Painting Has Written By Me In My Video Description. My Video Link Is… . Maybe You Can Visit My Channel. Thank You Very Much.
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Have you ever considered to submitting it for a print...?

To me it looks just fabulous!! :icondragontailfast:
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wow. just wow.
I love it :)
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Просто умопомрачительная работа! Где Вы черпаете вдохновение? Как подобрали такую палитру?
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gorgeous piece, especially with the horses in the sky.
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BREATHETAKING! hey sylar, is it ok if i can use this for an album art? youll get full credit and all
please let me know!
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oh my gosh this looks so amazing >w<
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another wow, horse shaped clouds, never thought of that, it's a true wonderland...
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So beautiful. :333
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Beautiful scenery. I wish I had an imagination like that... 
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....spasibo, eto prekrasno. A posaditj ee na metlu...ili v staryj Kadilak, nu priamo opiatj "po motivam",- Bulgakov...    ;)
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Very imaginative!
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aaammmazing concept, color combination that brought this so much depth... and texture.. 
Great work and keep it. up... 
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WOW fantastic!
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IMO, you should remove the rim light on the left of the central building and on the chimney as well, it inconsistant with the lighting and my eyes are always attracted by those parts while everything else is just so good.
Anyway, good painting!
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