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Good job, respect! 
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Black magic! OuO So great pic QuQ
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Do you have any recommendations or suggestions on how to utilize the perspective grid? This probably sounds like a very strange question but I could never figure out how to use perspective grids to draw objects.
eriume's avatar
same :'( I just don't understand how to adhere to the grids. 
Sincress's avatar
Very nice scene composition, interesting how you placed the building and the trees not to attract all the attention to them
Fenori's avatar
this is so amazing ;___;
KakawDenimorek's avatar
solid-alcohol's avatar
Interesting post. Thanks for sharing your process.
keitone's avatar
Thank you for sharing this process gif! And the drawing looks amazing as always!! 
melci92's avatar
It is always so nice to see the process, you can guide many people with that. :)
CreedenceSzparag's avatar
Pure magic... You're the best!
ChloeDao's avatar
adorably... magic...
Pitsh's avatar
than kyuo for the process!
FlamesofFireLily's avatar
Thanks for putting up the process! It's always nice to see how artists work on their pieces.
chernyshov's avatar
Дом получился выгнутый. Переспектива не удачная( Можно оправдать только сказочным мотивом 
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wow.............. O.O
AquaDreamStudios's avatar
I love the process..
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