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Speedpaint #51

By Sylar113
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The colors as is the environment :3
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oh wow Love it :3 like totally especially the colours and the feelings it gives of
could stare at thi piece for hours :3 Amazing work
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This would be a great place to live :D (Big Grin) 
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Is the clownfish giant, or is the person tiny? Who knows.
Great piece. Love your work :D
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I'm loving the feel of this, reminds me of Disneyland at night or something. Really beautiful!
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Breathtaking and imaginative 
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Nemo is looking for you c:
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fantastic!!!! the fish is so sweet!!! I want a clownfish at my window too!!!!!
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Omg! Your work is truly amazing, your lighting and coloring are so beautifully done. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work! <3
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So beautiful and magical. I love the wobbly looking bubbles, like real soap bubbles.

You have the beginnings of a wonderful storybook in each of your pictures.
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I wish I lived thereLove 
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that amazing it's so cool:D (Big Grin) Wink/Razz Shiny La 
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This is so pretty!! I love when you do art like this. Small humans living with creatures, or fish living in places that fish can't actually live in. It's all so mystical. 
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This is exceptionally stunning and intriguing. Love  Would you mind if one day I wrote a short story based on this image? Linked back here, of course.
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This is so gorgeous and adorable :D
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Чудеса ^^
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Very beautiful
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